Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Year

One more day this month...and one more day I have to wait for my birthday this week. LOL  Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wacky Wednesday

We are half way through the week!

Monday, February 08, 2016

Thursday, February 04, 2016

A Journey Back in Time

Brave knights. Horses. Kings. Princesses. Jousting. Squires. Tournaments. A lack of eating utensils.

What do all these words have in common? You'll experience them all at Medieval Times. Yes, the time period, but I'm also talking about the Dinner Show. They have multiple Castles - yes, real castles - around the country, but I visited the one in Orlando, FL.  Get there early and you can visit the museum and torture chamber. *evil laugh* Seriously, those things really gave me the hebbi jibbies. *shudder* The pieces around the museum are authentic. People were a lot shorter back then if you look at the bed they have on display.  As you wander the museum, you'll see how kitchens were situated around the main cooking area, where and how they made soap, garments, and candles. Walk through the armory and see the various weapons used in that time. Oh, and let's not forget the stables. It was very educational.

Then on to the show.

Upon entering you are assigned a Knight by color. We happened to be the black & white knight. We sat in the center of the entire arena, giving us a great view (perfect spot in my opinion). When your knight comes out or does a challenge you are to cheer for him and boo for his opponents. Each knight is trying to win the favor of the Princess, all of the tournament overseen by the King, of course.  Then of course there's the bad guy, wanting to have the Princess & kingdom all to himself. So, as the knights battle it out with jousting and showing off their skills, the best knight wins. Unfortunately, it was the Red Knight that night. Still, once he starts battling with the bad guy, everyone cheers for him & his squire. Oh, and did I mention that all the Knights were quite handsome with fit bodies and long hair? :P

Like most stories, this one has a happy ending. The good knight wins and the kingdom is safe. And I do believe he gets the girl as well. :)

And then there's food. All during the tournaments you have a server coming by putting your various dishes in front of you. You start off with a delicious soup & garlic bread. Tomato bisque that night. Very good. Nope, no spoons to slurp it. It's served in a bowl that you drink from.  Next comes the chicken. Not just a small thigh. This was a huge quarter, nicely roasted. Then some juicy corn on the cob. And a half of a baked potato. Then came an apple turnover for dessert. All of this food was eaten without a single utensil.

I left with spirits uplifted and a full stomach. It was a great entertaining evening. Well worth the visit if  you are near one of the castles.

Have you visited a Medieval Times? Good experience? Have you done something similar?

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Happy Groundhog Day

More Winter or early Spring? Only Phil can tell....