Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New addiction...

Coffee or Tea?  Which is your vice?

Or maybe you are like me and go for both?

Coffee really gets me going in the morning better than anything else, the caffeine undulling my sleepy mind. However, drank too late in the day makes for nights of insomnia, which aren't bad if they are productive but not usually unless hooked into the pages of a book (reading that is). So I reach for some hot tea in the evenings or cooler afternoons. The last couple of years I've indulged in my Bigelow Mint Medley to soothe me (non-caffeine). But then along comes a friend to introduce me to Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea. *sigh* Yes, it's caffeinated, however it doesn't keep me up like coffee does. It smells like a fireball and full of cinnamon flavor, but also a hint of citrus. It's the perfect mix for my taste buds. It's sold loose, in sachets, tea bags, & pods, but I like the sachets best as you can actually see the pieces of cinnamon sticks & spices used rather than ground up like in the tea bags/pods. Also, there's no guessing how much with the loose. 

I highly recommend it.

Any you would recommend?

Sold on makers site - https://www.harney.com/hot-cinnamon-spice-tea.html
or Amazon. (but right now, better deal is through Harney site)

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