Friday, January 08, 2016

GeekyCon ... Are you a Geek?


Yes, I said it and am proud of it. :)

I believe that we all have a bit of geekiness in us. Just look at your life. What are you hobbies? What do you like to do? How much knowledge do you have about your hobbie? If someone can tell me what years the New York Yankees won the World series, some stats from past or present years, player names - past & present, then yes, you are a geek. A sports geek, in my opinion.

My PRIMARY geekdom is the TV show Supernatural.
I've watched since day one. They hooked me with cliffhanger mid-season & season finales, keeping me coming back to see what happens. Not to mention the stars (Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles) are complete hotties.  Oh, & let's not forget Season 4's addition of Misha Collins. You're basically a Dean girl or a Sam girl - there are some Castiel girls now as well, but Sam & Dean are in every episode. I'm a Sam/Jared Padalecki girl! 

But my obsession, yes, I will admit to being obsessed with the show, but still not as much as some of my Supernatural friends, is more that just hot guys and paranormal adventure. In real life the actors and behind the scenes people like helping others. They are strong supporters of charities and encourage others to give as well.

Such charity endeavors:
*Misha Collins has Random Acts and GISHWHES
*Jensen Ackles supports the Buddy Walk which raises money for a Down Syndrome organization (his nephew has Down Syndrom). Also in lieu of baby gifts he asked funds to be donated to a Cancer charity when his daughter was born.
*Mark Shepard did a T-shirt campaign for Diabetes.
*Jared Padalecki started the Always Keep Fighting campaign that supports several charities, most surrounding depression, suicide, addiction issues.
*Travis Aaron Wade supports the Arm the Animals charity as well as Bands for Arms charity
*And so much more…
I can't possibly name them all because, these are just ones from the past year that I was very aware of.

But I seem to have gotten off target…Sorry. I can talk about them all day long. O-O

In 2014 I discovered a convention in Orlando called LeakyCon. It was inexpensive and close enough for me to commute.  They had autograph and photo op opportunities (did I mention for free with admission?) for a large variety of celebrities (most would consider them minor celebrities as they have rose to fame on YouTube or TV shows).  This was a great introduction to fandom conventions. All sorts of vendors were there from all fandoms. Harry Potter was the biggest, which is where the name LeakyCon came from. But there was Dr. Who, Supernatural, Night Vale, Disney, Buffy, and more. There were panels where the guests spoke about specific shows. Panels with singing. Panels that were just fun fan interaction or trivia. Even a showing of Sharknado 2 or 3 in 2015. *lol*

Two of the Supernatural writers were there (Robbie Thompson/Adam Glass) as well as the actress who played Season 8/9 Abbadon (Alaina Huffman) and another actress who made an appearance (Amber Benson). So yes, the chance to go to my first fandom con as well as meet people I'm very familiar with through the show, I was there. It was a great experience and met to some interesting people.

2015 had the convention changing its name to GeekyCon and I was able to meet another writer/producer (Guy Norman Bee) as well as Kim Rhodes, and the fabulous Hilly sisters from the Hillywood Show.

I'm set already with tickets to the one this year but have no clue who is on the guest list. I'm hoping that there will be someone there related to Supernatural to expand my autograph collection.

So, what are you a Geek of? I want to know. :)

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