Thursday, January 07, 2016

2016 Resolutions

Happy New Year to everyone! I know I haven't exactly started the new year off with a bang on my blog, but between the holidays and traveling, I kind of got behind and I didn't always have internet (not always a bad thing). I know, I could have set posts up in advance, this is blogger after all, but I guess I thought I'd be able to do more live posting. So a sort of kind of resolution for 2016 is to do more advance blog posting. That way, even when I can't get online or on my computer, then at least I'll have something going out to those who subscribe/visit to this blog.

I do hope everyone had a great and safe new year. Did you set any resolutions? Have you already failed in them?

Normally I do the weight one. To lose so many pounds. Yeah, that never worked out. I have also tried the whole go to gym 3 times a week, rather than the whole get slimmer thing. That lasts about two months, if I'm lucky. I've tried the "buddy" thing. Nope. Even my darling husband has tried to get me into his weight lifting thing. That didn't work out either. However, I will be jumping back on my elliptical…next week. Yep, next week I'll have more time to exercise. ;)

Seriously though, I've decided not to make "resolutions". I'm more goal oriented. Okay, I'm sure you're saying "Isn't that the same thing?" Probably, I'm just using different words, but sometimes the way something is worded is more motivational. More inspiring.

So my 2016 goals:
*Enjoy life and the time that has been set aside to travel with my husband (He recently retired - yay!)
*Complete my current intensive revision class, which will help me revise a book that has been rejected in the past
*Complete my rewrite of "Journey to the Dark Side" & get it published
*Read 50 books (any genre/any length - including those on massage & writing)
*Eat healthier
*Get on the elliptical more or go for more walks (aka raise my fitbit goal)
*Prepare general blog posts in advance (ie Motivational Mondays)
*Promote my writing more - still researching this one

Those are my core goals for this year. I think they are all realistic goals that can be achieved this year.

Now tell me some of yours.

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