Tuesday, August 04, 2015

GeekyCon Report

Sorry about the lack of the last couple of regular posts. I attended GeekyCon that was held in Orlando this past weekend and because I commuted each day rather than stay overnight in a hotel the fatigue got to me by the time I got home each evening. The computer just sat closed … waiting.

The weekend was great, full of fangirling, and watching my oldest granddaughter (12 yrs old) have a ball geeking out over all the cosplay and meeting famous/semi-famous people.

Overall, we talked with screen writers, authors, tv stars, YouTube stars…and just regular people young at heart who love to dress up and have fun by sharing their love of fandom. I couldn’t ask for a better weekend.

Her highlight was getting a hug & picture with Jon Cozart (YouTuber). I had to get her to sit down and breath – lol. My highlight was meeting Kim Rhodes and the sisters from The Hillywood Show. Got pictures with them as well.

So who do you fangirl over? Who have you met? Have you ever gone to one of this Cons?

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