Friday, December 24, 2010

One day left...

Tomorrow is Christmas! My boys can hardly wait. I'm just hoping they don't wake me up too early ads I know I'm going to bed late tonight.

My family have our big dinner on Christmas Eve. Not turkey or ham, but more Cuban style. We normally cook a pork shoulder marinated Cuban style (mojo seasoning), black beans, rice, Cuban bread, fried plantains, and flan.  There are a few variations each year, like I added a veggie dish, but that's the jist of the menu. Christmas day is either leftovers or whatever we decide to cook like a regular day. This tradition goes back to when my husband was going up after coming over from Cuba when he was just a young child. Since I love the food so much, I had no problem settling into the routine. Don't miss the ham, stuffing, and such at all. lol

So what kind of Christmas tradition do you have? Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? Have a special meal on Christmas day or the day before? Or maybe you have a tradition you'd like to start. I'm all ears.

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