Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Between entertaining all weekend and the time change (why in the world do we even have daylight savings time *pfft*) I was thrown all out of wack and forgot my Tantilizing Tuesday *gasp! no hotties*

I am still tapping away for NaNo month, though I am behind in my word count. I'm hoping to find some time these next few days to really catch up, because Caesar's story is coming along nicely (IMO). He's having a lot of fun with Sterling. Or rather, should I say a lot of sex - lol.

So I have a question for all of you. Can a story have too much sex? When do you think it's too much? Where do you draw a line when you think "Alright, already. They can't possibly do it again!"

Just interested in some opinions.

And yes, I have read a story (no not telling which) when I just couldn't take it anymore.

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