Thursday, October 28, 2010

Upcoming plans

I'm working hard on trying to get Willing Captive rewritten for submission to a publisher. Kinks R Us will need to be reworked also before I can find it a home.

But November is just days away and many of you know what that means...NaNo month! (National Novel Writing Month - ) I've attempted it for a few years now, but life just always got in the way one way or another. But my goal this year is to actually complete it. *Go positive thinking!* My goal is to get Caesar's story (from Fallen Angels) told (M/M with strong BDSM theme because my Fallen Angels are a kinky bunch) - crossing fingers and begging my muse to behave for just one month.

So I hope you all will check back often to see my progress and help me out when I get stuck. I'll even share tidbits from the story if you'd like throughout the month.
And since I'll be busy writing, I hope to share with you some links to other blogs and articles that I come across... starting today. ^-^

Fellow writer CJ England did a wonderful post the other day "You Might Be A Sensual Writer If..." on her blog. It made me smile because I've caught myself doing a few of these thing.
She's also got a book - "Luck Be A Lady" - that is great (I read the original release a couple of years ago). I'd recommend it.

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