Saturday, June 12, 2010

In search of a beta reader...

I had hoped that I could bypass having a beta reader, but honestly, I'm finally admitting that I need some help. *sigh* I'm looking for someone who has a strong grasp on grammer (as that is a huge downfall of mine) and can help point out redundancy or if there are any plot holes.  Since I write both gay and heterosexual stories, I'd like to have one person I can use for both types, but it's not a requirement at this time. Right now I have a m/f futuristic/space story (with one menage scene) that needs some attention and outside eyes. The length is about 60K, so it's not a one-nighter read.

Anyone interested in taking the time to do some work can email me at and I'll get in touch with you. Just put beta reader in the subject line.

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