Thursday, June 03, 2010

Bullet by Laurell K Hamilton - my opinion

I’ve just spent the last day and half completely entranced by Laurell K Hamilton’s latest Anita Blake book, Bullet. I hadn’t even realized it was close to being released until I decided to look at the book section in Walmart yesterday. I guess that’s what I get for reading her last one late and not keeping tabs as of late.

Spoilers below! If you don’t mind them, keep reading.
Back in April, I gave my opinion on Fling. I liked it a lot and it brought me back to why I fell in love with this series. But can I say that I thought that Bullet was absolutely perfect! In my opinion anyway. *g* I thought it had the perfect balance of action, emotion, and sex. Okay, maybe I just really liked the sex parts too much in this book. But I’ll say that this is my FAVORITE book yet.
I say that – and I don’t say it very often – because of two things:

One – Richard is back! And not just back, but really stepping up to the plate, so to speak. Yes, he’s still got some issues, like still wanting to have a normal life, but he’s been in therapy and since Anita took all her anger back, well, he’s more reasonable. But it’s also great to see that he’s part of something special and that he needs to help out also, even if he doesn’t like the things he has to do. At least he has a support group. This is the Richard I’d always knew he could be. *doing happy dance and singing*
Two – The man-on-man sex! Finally, exactly what my heart has been desiring. Yes, Mrs. Hamilton has been hinting at this stuff through much of the series once she started being in all this men, especially since Asher, but give the woman a high five for bringing it on full force. Of course, it did take Asher having a hissy fit for her truly to see what she’s been unknowingly denying him and really herself and Jean Claude (she’s such a voyeur, I love it). And then to bring Richard and some H-O-T BDSM scene…whew, I was a happy, happy woman (geez, now I want to go and reread that scene). Richard is such a dominate character, that he’s soo damn sexy when he is himself. She can do this anytime in future books. *wink* But also, there was a f/f scene and a f/f/m scene together with Anita in the center. That too was different and hot for this character. Also, wonderful Micah realizes and starts showing his love for Nathaniel in more than just the bed. *yay* And yes, Anita is finally okay with it all. That makes it so much better.
Yes, Anita discovers some new powers and we see her with her own triumvirates – I’ve really missed Damian – and how they discover to combine the two. This book really centers on the legend that the Vegas clan tells about how to kill Mommie Darkest (*gasp* yes, she still alive…well in a way and causing havoc) and it involves weretigers of all colors. And yes, she has sex to bind them to her, but that again revolves around Belle’s aka Jean Claude’s bloodline. Anita is really a badass…but she also has her vulnerabilities.
In dealing with some of the action parts of the book itt is reinforced just how much Anita really loves Nathanial and that she and Micah are truly a mated pair. Also, that she doesn’t want to be a monster but will do all she can to protect those she loves. It hurts her to be The ONE to do some of the dirty work, but she also can’t seem to let others do her work either. It’s part of being dominate and a leader. The one who can keep them safe in the end.

*sigh* It was one of those books I couldn’t put down and am sad to see that I’ve finished it. Despite the repetitive facts that Mrs. Hamilton throws in here and there and long descriptions that takes two pages to read – though short ones would be nice when reintroducing characters that we haven’t seen in several books – I am eagerly awaiting the next Anita Blake book.
I think the result of this book between fans will be a toss up. Some will like it, some will hate it. Yes, much will revolve around sex, but that’s her power. That’s who she is and how she is. Others, like me will love it.

Anyone else read it yet?


Stephanie said...

I can tell you're impressed with this one, lol, you made editing mistakes in your rush to tell us. Glad you found it so inspirational.

Marty Rayne said...

o-O Opps. And here I read through the post before hitting publish LOL I guess that's why I have editors *clearing throat and raising an eyebrow* But Yes, this book thrilled me.