Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weakness - Free Read

Okay, I'm hoping to bring my readers some extra little goodies this year by the way of free reads. Basically some short stories that I've written in the past and touched up; most that are too short to be submitted to a publisher or doesn't fit guidelines.

I've uploaded a story titled Weakness. It's a futuristic story I wrote ages ago for a writing assignment. I extended it from its original length and find that it's more fleshed out. There's also potential for more stories from this world I'm creating.

The catch to getting this story is that you have to be a member of my newsletter group. It's located in the files section under free reads. I've decided that it will be the only way to receive access to my free reads that are offered. To become a member, just click the Yahoo button in the sidebar or go to the group and join.

Below is a short blurb...

Aliens are real. Earth has been turned into a slave planet. Only a small band of troopers, known as the Resistance, exist to fight against the bondage the human species has been forced into.

Zan, an assassin for the Resistance, once more crosses paths with Storm, an alien and Chief of Security for the World United Council. Will this encounter be his last, succumbing to her temptation or can he resist and escape?


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