Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a week!

I know I haven't had any posts this week. It's really been a wild ride for me. Tuesday I made two trips to the airport (Orlando - it's one big circle maze) trying to get my husband and his mother off to New York so they could visit family. Oh, did I mention I got a little lost when I had to go and pick them up several hours after I'd dropped them off? Apparently you can get to the airport from nearly any exit in the Orlando area according to my Garmin. I swear, it reminded me of that episode of ER where this couple drove into a lake because their Navigator told them to keep going straight. LOL I just waiting to find myself barreling into something.

Anyway, the plane broke. At least that's what they told my husband. When he told me that I pictured one of my children (the destructive one) holding a toy plane in his hand and then it snapping apart. So rather than getting into NY at like 3 or 4 in the morning, they opted to take a flight the next day.
Oh, did I mention that they couldn't find their luggage.

Thankfully all went well the next day and they arrived safely and on time to NY. And their luggage was there waiting. :) It had gotten there the night before.

During this entire time I was trying really had to finish my latest story. I swear the ending was the hardest and there's still a sex scene I'm not happy with. I'll fix that come edits. So my little anticipated 20K futuristic/sci fi story ended at 50K. *gasp* I know, surprised me too, but the characters really took over the story and just wanted to keep going. Also managed to finally give it a title - Beautiful Lies. So, now I'm trying to get the synopsis done and off to my editor to see if they want it.

But back to my week...Thursday they had that bad storm in the NE area. So my poor mind kept getting easily distracted and bugging my husband on the cell. He probably wished he hadn't brought his - lol. But it was nice to sit in my PJs all day while the kids were in school.

Now after all the errands and housework is done, I can sit here and get back on schedule. :) Won't that be nice.
Let's hope that my husband's flight goes well tonight and I can have him home again.

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