Sunday, February 28, 2010

Movie Review: The Lightening Thief

I took my boys to the much anticipated movie - Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief. Knowing the movie was coming out and after much bugging from one of my sons I read the 5 book a week! Yes, it was that good, in my opinion. I love mythology and the author truly knew how to twist it to be entertaining and original.

If you've read the books...DON'T GO TO THE MOVIE!

Yes, I made that quite loud didn't I. I've never seen a story so butchered in my life. Don't get me wrong, the movie was done very well. I loved the special effects, the actors were great, and if I didn't know the storyline, it would have been perfect. However, that's not the case. And I can't help but wonder how the authro signed off on this movie?

Obviously, there isn't a sequel scheduled for this movie - at least I hope not. Because they left out all the major points, conflicts, and bits that made up the book series. First off, they made the gods too formal. In the books, Poseidon is almost always wearing laid back fisherman clothes and flip flops, not some roman battle gear. The 'human' characterization to the gods was a really piogent part of the series that I liked. So to make them so...serious and stiff was a dissapointment.

There's no mention of the reason for Camp Half-Blood, Percy being kicked out all previous schools, the agreement for the big 3 not to have more kids since WWII because they are too powerful which leads to the big prophecy - big plotline for the entire series - , Percy's dreams, Kronos, or even the Oracle who gives the demigods their quests. Also, it seems as if everyone knows who their godly parent is, which is another conflict throughout the series. So Percing being Poseiden's son was no surprise and of course that meant they left out how they discovered he was the son of one of the 3 big gods. Then there are all the pool scenes that they included. *sigh*

Instead, the main deal with the movie is that no god is allow contact with their mortal child after born or they might become too human. *pfft* And Percy's quest is self assigned since Hades pops up and says that he has his mom. So he's got to go and find all of Persephone's pearls to get out of Hades once he has rescued her.


In the book they are a gift from another god and he doesn't get his mother out of Hades that way.

Oh, don't get me started on Hades and Persephone. Yeah, he's a butt, but they portrayed his wife as a slut. Honestly, out of all the different versions of her, I've never heard that one and it certainly wasn't portrayed that way in the series.

Then there was Annabeth, Percy's female friend that accompanies him on all the quests. She's the daughter of Athena, so she has wisdom. She's a genius at architecture, has lots of great plans and ideas and then this really cool Yankees hat that turns her invisible. That's in the book. The movie just has her as a sidekick. No ideas on how to get out the trouble that follows them or even her nifty hat. What a waste of a great character. Which brings me to their age. In the books Percy is brought in at 12 yrs old and doesn't realize he had feelings for Annabeth until what? book 3 when they're about 14. Reasonable. The movie has them probably around 15 or 16 and filled with sexual tension and about to kiss o_O I'm all for romance, obviously, but dang it, it's just not right.

There were also a lot of massacres to the plot that I'd spend all day picking it the location they fought the hydra (I don't even think that was in the Lightening Thief but a later book) and what happened to the big fight with Ares and not Luke? Yeah, they messed with the bad guy and the reason behind it all too. *sigh* Even his weapon. A writing pen that turns into a sword. They don't say that it's a cursed sword or that it will appear in Percy's pocket if he loses it within minutes. Oh, and then the movie says to click it to activate it. *banging head on the table* No, it's a pen that has a cap that has to be removed. UGH! They even took out the blue quirk that Percy shared with his mom. That would have been a good relief to see.

So my advise is not to see it if you've read the books.
But have at it if you haven't. :)

Basically, they made it a dark story without all the fun quirks that made it a fun and entertaining read. It was a great disappointment for me. Heck, even the Twilight series and Harry Potters series stays to the basic plotline.

Sorry for the rant. Guess I'm done now, though it still bugs me. *sigh* But such is life. Can't have everything perfect, can we?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a week!

I know I haven't had any posts this week. It's really been a wild ride for me. Tuesday I made two trips to the airport (Orlando - it's one big circle maze) trying to get my husband and his mother off to New York so they could visit family. Oh, did I mention I got a little lost when I had to go and pick them up several hours after I'd dropped them off? Apparently you can get to the airport from nearly any exit in the Orlando area according to my Garmin. I swear, it reminded me of that episode of ER where this couple drove into a lake because their Navigator told them to keep going straight. LOL I just waiting to find myself barreling into something.

Anyway, the plane broke. At least that's what they told my husband. When he told me that I pictured one of my children (the destructive one) holding a toy plane in his hand and then it snapping apart. So rather than getting into NY at like 3 or 4 in the morning, they opted to take a flight the next day.
Oh, did I mention that they couldn't find their luggage.

Thankfully all went well the next day and they arrived safely and on time to NY. And their luggage was there waiting. :) It had gotten there the night before.

During this entire time I was trying really had to finish my latest story. I swear the ending was the hardest and there's still a sex scene I'm not happy with. I'll fix that come edits. So my little anticipated 20K futuristic/sci fi story ended at 50K. *gasp* I know, surprised me too, but the characters really took over the story and just wanted to keep going. Also managed to finally give it a title - Beautiful Lies. So, now I'm trying to get the synopsis done and off to my editor to see if they want it.

But back to my week...Thursday they had that bad storm in the NE area. So my poor mind kept getting easily distracted and bugging my husband on the cell. He probably wished he hadn't brought his - lol. But it was nice to sit in my PJs all day while the kids were in school.

Now after all the errands and housework is done, I can sit here and get back on schedule. :) Won't that be nice.
Let's hope that my husband's flight goes well tonight and I can have him home again.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fantasy Friday

Have a wonderful weekend! We're finally getting warmer weather. :D

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What are you reading Wednesday!

For some reason my Tantalizing Tuesday I set over the weekend didn't go through *sigh* Sometimes computers are more of a pain than a help *shrug*

Anyway, just wanted to see what you all are reading. Me? I just can't seem to settle on one book.
So I'm reading...
*Red Heat by Lynne Connolly
*A Policy of Lies by Astrid Amara
*Born of Fire by Sherrilyn Kenyon
*Tempted by PC & Kristin Cast

Every one is a different genre. I guess that's why I couldn't decide - lol
Now, let see which one I finish first. ^-^

Monday, February 15, 2010

Giveaway Winner...

Sorry for the lateness of the hour, it's just been one of those days. But I will have all the jobs on my "To Do" list done before I lay my head down to get some Zzzzs. ^-^

First off, I just want to say thank you to all who entered. I enjoyed reading all your reasons for liking and disliking Valentine's Day. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one out there that thinks that you should show your loved one how much you care every day rather than just once a year. And yes, it's gotten way too commercialized for my taste. But that has happened to a lot of holidays, huh?

Anyway, I'm sure you're just dying to see who won. So I won't hold you in suspense.
The winner is...
Arlene C.

I just need your snail mail and I'll get your box of goodies off. :)

Again, thank you for all who entered. And don't forget to stop by often to see what's going on.
Which reminds me, I blogged today over at Slash and Burn today. Check out my "Bookstore Blues" post.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Don't forget that tonight at Midnight is the dealine for my Valentine Giveaway.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fantasy Friday

I will most likely be waking up to rain and having to deal with it most of the day, which means my net connection is going to suck. But I guess that I can actually get some work done. :) My poor 20K futuristic story has exploded beyond 35K and still working on the ending. Everyone stay warm, I know we're cold here in FL but I saw that much of the west and of course the east coast is swamped with snow. Ever thought about moving south? LOL Oh, wait, that's why we have all these snow birds already. ^-^
Avoid taking too much for granted. Put in the effort.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine Giveaway

Did you know that February is American Heart Month or Creative Romance Month (this is a new one to me)? Then of course there’s Valentine’s Day. The day for lovers. I personally have never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day. My husband and I don’t go all out for it. Mostly we just like to spend time together.

But enough about me.

I’ve got a nice little basket of goodies to giveaway, along with an autographed copy of my print book, Lascivious.

So, what do you have to do to get entered? Read details below:

How: Send an email to marty AT martyrayne DOT com ( ) telling why you like or dislike Valentine’s day. Please put “Valentine Giveaway” in the subject line.

When: This giveaway will be open until Midnight EST Feb. 14th. On Monday, Feb 15th I will draw a random name as the winner.

What: The prize is pictured below.

NOTE: Box of goodies prize is for US residents only. If the winner is outside of the US, an alternate prize will be given.

Good luck and feel free to spread the word.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tantalizing Tuesday

The weather has sucked for the past couple of days with rain and cloudy conditions which has my internet service spotty and driving me completely insane. I'm hoping that those up north that had to deal with that snow storm this past weekend and what's falling today keep warm. Maybe this will help. ^-^
Keep your wits about you.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Interesting facts....

Check out this video that Sony played at their Conference this year. It's full of interesting facts and insights.

Do not be drawn into unhelpful situations. Stand your ground.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Fantasy Friday

Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman.~ John Quincy Adams
(Keep faith in what you are doing and wanting.)

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Have you ever...

started a book series and just had to keep reading to find out what happens?

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a series whore. LOVE series. Most of the books I end up reading are series. I don’t know how many times I’ve read a book and realize it’s part of a series and then run around like crazy to get the rest of them, and then sometimes I can’t read them fast enough or real life interferes and messes with my reading. *sigh*

Well, I just finished another series in one week. Many have seen the previews for the movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief. It’s based on a YA series by Rick Riordan ( ). It’s based on a group of demigods – the children of the Greek Gods (half human, half god).

My son has all five books and has been bugging me for a while that I should read them because he knows how much I like mythology. Since I know I’ll be taking my kids to the movie after it’s released next week, I figured I’d at least read the first book. Yeah, right. I couldn’t stop reading this week.

I know not everyone likes Young Adult books, but I see them as easy reads and easier on my mind. O-o They are refreshing and many times very original as they don’t always have a strong romantic themes (gasp – I know, it’s crazy, but it’s a nice break).

But I would recommend the Percy Jackson series greatly. It’s full of action, some suspense, and mystery. I really enjoyed Mr. Riordan’s view of the ancient Greek Gods and how they treat their children and other mortals. It’s written in the first person (Percy’s pov), but I don’t feel like I miss anything like sometimes happens with first person stories.

I know many of you are romance readers, but please take some time to check these books out as they are quite entertaining.

Now my son is bugging me to read the two Kingdom Keepers books he has (more YA books that center around Walt Disney World and a movie is being made of that also). Maybe after I read a few ebooks in my file and catch up on the last book of The House of Night series ( ). That YA series does have romantic overtures to it. ^-^

My question to readers…What series have you found that you just can’t put down?

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Brain fart day

Well, I had a good subject to blog on this morning...then it went *poof* I knew I should have written it down, but it came to mind as I was walking out the door for an appointment. *sigh* Gotta find my voice recorder and keep it in my purse, I guess. Getting older sucks sometimes.

So, since that idea went out the window, my friend Hales posted an interview with Josh Lanyon at the Novel Sisterhood blog today. Slip on over and give it a read for an insight to how his mind works and his writing process.
Oh, did I mention that he's giving away some books? ^-^

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tantalizing Tuesday

Holy crud. I'm speechless!
Change yourself and fortune will change. ~ Portuguese proverb
(Further your talents and more will become possible.)