Wednesday, June 03, 2009

What are you reading Wednesday!

Thinking of trying to generate some chatter so I thought I'd try an occassional "What are you reading?"

So tell me...what are you reading? It can be print or e-book. Romance or non-fiction. No matter to me and of course I'm always on the look out for good books to buy. ^-^

I personally just finished Michele Bardsley "I'm the Vampire, That's Why." This was the first of thise series that I read by her and I really enjoyed it. It had all sorts of conflict/drama and stuff happening all the time, not to mention great attraction between the two main characters. I really can't wait to read the rest of the series now.

Now, I've started Vol. 1 of the Night World series by LJ Smith. It's a YA paranormal book that includes 3 of her stories. I think there's a total of 3 books with 3 stories each. *shrug* I'm on the first story and so far it's not bad. Never read anything by her before, so it's a "new" author for me. :)

Are you reading anything interesting??? Enquiring minds want to know ;)


Kris said...

Just finished lover Avenged by Jr Ward and Skin Trade by laurell k hamilton

Marty Rayne said...

ooooh! Are they good? I haven't gotten those yet. Been trying to read through some of the books I brought home from RT before buying more. (poor little bookcase is jammed packed - not to mention the hundreds of e-books on my 'puter) :D

Kris said...

I liked them both. LA was a good installment that moved the series along well.
ST was good,not my favorite, but I am addicted to them.