Thursday, April 02, 2009

Off line next week

After several years of suffering sinus infectios and nearly constant sinus problems (stuffiness and drainage), I've decided to finally get my diviated septum fixed. Those who know me know that if I'm reverting to surgery, then I'm completely at my wits end with all of this.

The surgery is an out-patient one that is scheduled for Monday. The doctor says that recovery time is about a week, but I'll have bleeding 2-4 days. He did warn that it would be painful and that some take the pain pills he gives and others don't. I have a pretty high tolerence for pain, but I don't know how this is going to be. Whether I take it or not, I most likely won't be on line until Wed or Thurs. I plan to kick back and chill, catch up on my tv shows that are on the DVR (I've got 10 eppies of Chuck and 4 eppies of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice I haven't had time to see) and do some reading.

I'll have my Tantalizing Tuesday post set to post on Tuesday, but if I feel up to messing on the computer, I'll leave a note.

They can...because they think they can. ~Virgil (You can...if you think you can)

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