Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Monday

*long sigh* It's so good to be home. I admit to having a lot of fun last week at the RT Convention in Orlando, I will say that it's even better coming home. Of course, there's the work that I've got to catch up on, all the unpacking and catching up on the home stuff - including grocery shopping I don't trust my husband to do - and just the recovery time of being "out of loop" for a short time.

The best part? (besides the gorgeous male models wandering around all over the place) was meeting the authors that I interact with on the net.
Dakota Cassidy and Stephanie Burke are just as lively and snarky as they are online. They had me laughing so hard. That type of humor is truly a gift!
Koko Brown is beautiful and sweet. She looked awesome in her yellow fairy costume.
I had a lot of fun with Kiernan Kelly and my roomie, Isabelle Drake.
Michele Armstrong had no problem with my "hand talking". lol
Joey W. Hill was very down to earth and very friendly. Oh, and don't get me started on Lynne Connolly's wonderful English accent. I could really listen to her for hours.
There were so many people I met that it's hard to really list them all, but not once did I have a bad experience with any of them.
The hotel? I had a few minor problems at the beginning but they were taken care of quickly. Now, I heard stories about others' horror with the place, but I'll just say that for a hotel of that size, I have few complaints as I'm pretty easy and forgiving.
I took some pictures of course. :) But I havne't managed to upload them anywhere yet. That's for either tonight or tomorrow to do. Once I do, I'll get a link and let you know this week.
Now, off to actually get some work done. :D
Oh, and today was my day to blog over at Slash & Burn!

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