Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reviews for A Gift Worth Sharing

Do you ever google yourself? Ever find anything interesting?
Well, I google myself (and books) at least once a month. This is usually how I find reviews for my books. And yesterday, I found not one, but two reviews for my December release at Loose-id - A Gift Worth Sharing.

5 Angels from FAR!!
"A Gift Worth Sharing is a wonderful story about love, trust, commitment, and healing. - There was a few intriguing sex scenes yes, but the lines of communication they could open seemed to grasp my attention more than the rest of the book." ~NeNe
Entire review:

Joyfully Reviewed
"A Gift Worth Sharing is one of those rare books that really delves into the emotional ramifications of a threesome, which I thought was very refreshing." ~Cassie
Entire review:

I also posted on Worlds of Mayhem today after a long absence.
One Silent Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Who would win must learn to bear. ~ German proverb (Overcome so you might gain)

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