Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

A lot of people see Friday the 13th as a day of bad luck. Not me! I love the number 13 and relish this rare day while other fret over it.

And I love the Friday the 13th movies. Okay, it got stupid after the first few, especially when Jason goes to space *eek* and fought with Freddy Kruger *double eek*. But the classic ones were good (imo).
Now, I'm dying to see the newest one (remake?) that was released today. It's got gorgeous Jared Padalecki *drool* in it!!! What better way to enjoy a horror movie than to drool over eye-candy while watching it.

I saw My Bloody Valentine last month and Jensen Ackles and Kerr Smith made the movie. *whew-fanning self*

Has anyone seen the new Friday the 13th yet? I would go and see it this weekend, but my live in babysitter (aka: mother-in-law) is gone for the month, so not real dates until the beginning of March - just in time for my b-day. ^-^

What horror/scary movies have you seen with hotties that made the gore or fright easier?

FYI: There's another Friday the 13th in March *yay*

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's almost the weekend, let's laugh

This was sitting in my email box today and it really made me laugh, so I thought I'd share. :D

Tickle Me Elmo:

There is a factory in Northern Minnesota which makes the Tickle Me Elmo toys. The toy laughs when you tickle it under the arms. Well, Lena is hired at The Tickle Me Elmo factory and she reports for her first day promptly at 8:00 AM.

The next day at 8:45 AM there is a knock at the Personnel Manager's door. The Foreman throws open the door and begins to rant about the new employee. He complains that she is incredibly slow and the whole line is backing up, putting the entire production line behind schedule.

The Personnel Manager decides he should see this for himself, so the 2 men march down to the factory floor. When they get there the line is so backed up that there are Tickle Me Elmo's all over the factory floor and they're really beginning to pile up. At the end of the line stands Lena surrounded by mountains of Tickle Me Elmo's.

She has a roll of plush red fabric and a huge bag of small marbles. The 2 men watch in amazement as she cuts a little piece of fabric, wraps it around two marbles and begins to carefully sew the little package between Elmo's legs.

The Personnel Manager bursts into laughter. After several minutes of hysterics he pulls himself together and approaches Lena. "I'm sorry," he says to her, barely able to keep a straight face, "but I think you misunderstood the instructions I gave you yesterday..."

"Your job is to give Elmo two test tickles."

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I've been busy, busy trying to get Dakota's story 1st draft completed. Still playing with the title and will be sending it my editor by Monday *fingers crossed* I'm on the last chapter and still playing with the ending

I've also updated the side bar on here with the right links for Bedtime Fantasies and put things in their right place.

Life, of course, has been hectic with lots of trips out of town (planned and unexpected) and family in and out of town visiting. Not to mention the classes I'm taking, so blogging hasn't been top on my list. Sorry. :( I'll try to bring you some good stuff more often. :)