Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Frost nipping on my nose...

Holy Moly! When I woke, it was 28 degrees outside. Even after 20 years living in Florida, it still amazes me how cold it can get here at times. Needless to say, I won't be out in my screened-in porch doing my writing today. *brrr* In fact, I'm sitting at my dining room table (one day I'll have me an office again) with a portable heater on me to keep me cozy. :P
Here's a couple of hotties to warm your day!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New look

I've mentioned a few times that I was working on redesigning my look. Well, as you can tell, I have. Last week I changed the look to my MySpace and today I changed my blog.

So what do you think? Any suggestions?

A special thanks to Tuesday Dube for manipping the tattoos on my hunk in my banner.*hugs* She's a genius when it comes to graphics. :)

All that's left is my website, which won't be until sometime in Feb. as I'm learning a new website design software and have to see if I can use it with my hosting company.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bedtime Fantasies is here!

Okay, I'm two days late with this announcement, but one of my new year resolutions (which I've still not posted *oops*) is to promote myself more. Well, Monday I spent a lot of time doing just that in all sorts of places. Then yesterday I redesigned my MySpace page. All I'm missing is my new banner, but I'll get that created as soon as I have my main graphic completed by my good friend - and graphic genius - Tuesday Dube. She's the same who made my Bedtime Fantasies cover. Isn't it beautiful?
Anyhoo, stop by and see the new look (link in sidebar).

I'll also be redesigning my blog and website once I creat the new banner, so you'll see some strange things in the upcoming week.

Okay, so Bedtime Fantasies is out. I'm looking forward to some great feedback on this. This was previously published under the title: Trio of Tales: Erotically Ever After with a different publisher. The stories have been tweaked (amazing how a writing style and knowledge changes after a couple of years), rearranged, and I like to think made better.

Why snuggle up beside the fire, when you can warm up to this fantastic trio of bedtime stories? Join in a quest of three classic characters to live erotically ever after!

Cyn-Ful Night of Pleasure: Down on her luck Cynderella has one chance to live out her wildest fantasies. With a bit of help from a wild fairy godmother, Cyn's sinful fun just might be the beginning of something "charming", and kinky!
Red Hot: Who's afraid of a big, bad, wolfish hunk? Vivacious Red learns the consequences of wandering alone in the forest, and lives to enjoy it.
What's in a Name?: A mysterious enchantress rescues Tristan from an evil queen. Their love is threatened by a curse that can only be broken if Tristan can guess his beloved's true name.

Excerpt from What’s in a Name:

“Who are you really?” he demanded angrily. “Where am I and why are you holding me here?”

“You are safe, out of the queen’s harm, just as I promised. Do you not like it here? Does it not please you?” Her voice was soft, the tone alluring, and…innocent.

Tristan rubbed the back of his neck, feeling the tension there. He was very frustrated despite the fact his eyes kept going to the enticing vixen.

“It’s nice,” he sighed, shaking his head, his aggravation not lessening. “But I’m still in a prison, just like before.”

The woman went to Tristan. With the lightest touch, she laid her hand against his cheek. “You surrendered yourself to me. This is your home, not a prison. You will be safe from harm here.”

He pulled away from her touch as he felt his agitation calm. He wanted to feel his anger. It was something he could take hold of, something that was his and not enchanted.

“Don’t touch me. Just leave me be. Go away.”

“I can’t.” She shook her head, looking confused. “You are my responsibility. I must care for you as you willingly gave yourself to me.”

Tristan saw the irritation that flared in her eyes. The emotion made her eyes shine bright, the colors nearly twinkling. He saw a glimpse of an inferno within her and was drawn to it. His gaze lowered to her lips and found there was a most beguiling curve to their lusciousness. He jerked his gaze away and turned his back to her, staring into the fire.

She sighed, then called his name. He fought the urge to go to her. She said his name again, this time with a firm and commanding tone. His body responded before he could fight it, turning back to her against his will. His breath caught as he looked upon her unclothed body. She was seated on the couch.

“On your hands and knees, Tristan.” She commanded in the same authoritative tone that made his body obey her will.

His body responded to her command, no matter how his muscles fought it. He found himself on the floor, his anger was escalating.

“Now, crawl to me and kneel between my legs.”

“What have you done to me?” he growled at her savagely, his body moving and no longer his own to control.

“I have done nothing. It was you who gave yourself to me. By surrendering yourself, you have given all to me, including your body to do with as I please.”

Tristan held his body rigid, the muscles twitching in revolt as they moved. He could clearly see her eyes, the odd colors appeared to swirl and darken at his approach. Filled with lust and desire. When he kneeled between her thighs, he boldly met her gaze, hating his own need to have her and how the power she wielded over him aroused him.

The dark haired vixen slid off the couch and let her knees fall to either side of his. She leaned forward and her lips gave his a gentle caress. He was surprised when his mouth responded to her touch. She deepened the kiss as he opened fully to her, reveling in her sweet taste. At that moment, he was unsure if his actions were caused by what she wanted or what he really wanted to do. Trying to figure it out only confused him further.

Her hands travel his body, fingers brushing over his strained muscles. Her mouth pulled away only to start laying kisses under his earlobe. Tristan tried to ignore her touch and lips as he gasped for breath. He worked to turn his mind to a matter of distraction to keep from falling into her seductive trap, but failed as it brought forth images of her eyes, lips, and body. In spite of her tricking him and his hostile attitude toward her, he couldn’t deny the desire that surged within his body. From the first moment he’d seen her, he had wanted her.

Her hot breath feathered his ear, as her voice caressed his soul. “Tristan. Touch me. Feel me. Be with me.” Her voice held no trace of the commanding tone as it had earlier. He sensed she didn’t want to force him. She’d given him a display of her power, but she wanted him willing. Tristan wanted it also. Couldn’t resist what she offered.

Her hands were at the waist of his pants and pulled on the strings. One of her hands dipped inside and took hold of his already hard cock. Her other hand slid up his body and gently grasped one of his nipples between her fingers. Tristan braced himself against her sensual touch. He tried not to show how desperate she made him feel, but his body was alive with tremors and longing.

Tristan’s hands finally lifted of their own accord and started their exploration of her body. The heat radiating from her skin assaulted his hands. Her breath quicken as his fingers brushed over her nipples. He cursed his body for wanting her so much, yet he couldn’t help himself. No matter the circumstances, he ached to be with her. Knew he would have her. These feelings were not because of her magic, but because it was what he truly desired.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year!
Today, I'm going to sit and create my list of resolutions/goals for 2009 and I'll post them tomorrow. Perhaps that will help me acheive them if I share them rather than keep them to myself. :)

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