Friday, December 05, 2008


How's the Christmas Shopping going?? Tonight, we'll nearly finish it up. *yay*
I'm just glad it's Friday. It's been a wierd and long week. I've gotten very little "actual" writing done, however, I've played with the plots of two potential stories. I've been stuck on Dragon Riders 3, and apparently this is a way for my brain to take a break and get past a block (hopefully).

Also, my youngest granddaughter turns 1 today!! Her party is tomorrow, so I'll be gone having fun with her. :) Now, if only one of my older boys will give me a grandson. 3 granddaughters and I suck at doing their hair. LOL I was raised with boys and only had boys. You so didn't want to see my Barbies' hair.

I posted over on Worlds of Mayhem about Raine by Elizabeth Amber. Take a minute and check it out.

Also, my December newsletter is out. If you're not a member, you can subscribe by using the yahoo button over in the sidebar. I'll be giving away a copy of each of my new releases next week to only those that get my newsletter.

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