Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Normally in October, I spend a lot of time watching scary/horror movies wherever and whenever I can. Sadly, this year has been different. I've been busy with other things, not even decorating like I usually do, however, I've also noticed that I really didn't find many channels on tv playing these great classics (ie...Halloween, Friday the 13th, etc...). Not even Sci-Fi played them *sigh*
Was it just me? Or were these movies not emphasized like they were in the past? But then again, DVDs and computer downloads of these movies are much easier to access now, so perhaps that's what's taken the emphasis away from them usually showing it on normal cable.

I love the Scream movies, but my ultimate favorite scary movie is the original Nightmare on Elm Street (and up to #4 of the series).

What's your favorite scary movie??? (Sound familiar? ;) )

Edits are calling *sigh*. I'm hoping to get a newsletter up next week along with a contest :D

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