Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Still busy writing *sigh* but thought I'd stop by and leave an update.

I completed No Ordinary Holiday! Yes, I finally came up with a title that fit Devyn's story. I turned it in to Phaze so now we just have to see if it's accepted.

Half way done with A Gift Worth Sharing. I have until this weekend to complete it and send it off. This one is contracts (or being so once I recieve it) and should be out around Dec 2.

I'm taking the Plotting Bootcamp Class this month which I'm focusing on Dragon Riders 3 book. However, I won't actually get to writing that until November as I'm saving it for NaNo Month. That way, I'll have it all plotted out and just need to write it.

I'm also working on my Newsletter and should be out by the end of the weekend.

Once all of this is completed, I'm concentrating on edits and working on the query/synopsis of Who Says Three's A Crowd? to send to an Agent. Other than that, I'm letting my muse rest for a time.

Weather? Gustav just gave us some cloudy/rainy weather. Hannah...probably won't get much since I'm now more on the west side of the state. Then there's Ike and Josephine right behind her. Don't know where those are going yet, but it's been busy out in the Atlantic. I'm watching the weather at least twice a day.

Everyone have a great week and happy Hump Day!

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