Sunday, September 28, 2008

Net troubles...

Well, it appears as if I've hit the threshold of my internet usage, which means I've been put on restriction and have an "ABUSE" *pfft* ticket on my account. *sigh* Needless to say, from what I'm told, I don't get all my usage skills back until the beginning of my billing cycle which is Oct. 10th. I can't even get on my website right now to do any updates *pulling out hair* or do much of anything. I'm surprised that I'm able to get on blogger.

Anyway, I really won't be around much lately doing many posts until after my usage has been reset (let's see if that happens because I've actually been told three different things). I've also switched to the highest package and found how to monitor it so it shouldn't happen again.

Anyone else had this problem with Satelite Internet? How long did it take for it to go back down? It's very frustrating as I've only had this a month and I'm used to unlimited net service.

I'm working on edits for my holiday stories coming out in December and plotting Dragon Riders 3 which I'll be writing for NaNo in November.

Oh, and went books shopping and got several books to read. Christine Feehan's Dark Curse is the one I'm reading now.

I still have email capabilities, so feel free to leave comments and I'll get them :)

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