Sunday, September 21, 2008

Interesting observation

I know I can be slow at times, but it just seems lately that my slashy mind is seeing things I'd never really noticed before.

At the summer Olympics this year, the big news were the USA men's gymnastic team and swimming team. I knew that in basketball, football, and baseball, the guys love to pat each other on the butt. Apparently we saw more of that in the Olympics too.

However, today I've been watching all the specials and the last game ever to be played at their 85 year old stadium. *sob* So much history and they're knocking it down. *sigh* husband always thought it was strange that women had no problem sleeping together in a bed (remember slumber parties and sleeping over at your best friend's house growing up? The bed was much more comfortable than the floor). Being married for 14 years I know exactly in what condition men wake up *wink* so that makes them uncomforable sharing such a close sleeping area with another male (at least those that I know).

But watching all these historic reels, I see that men have no problem being "touchy, feely" during the game or celebrating a victory. When Larson pitched the first Perfect Game, Yogi Berra jumped on him.

When David Cone his Perfect Game (no hitter? excuse the incorrect phrasing for it), Joe Girgardi did the same. Very suggestive is it not?
Oh, and look where those hands are on David Wells when they were celebrating his No Hitter game.
Hmmm, you know, I'm finding some great reasons to watch sports more often. ;)
Now, I'm going back to finish my edits so I can work on other things that desperatly need my attention on Monday. Like drawing my winners :D

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Cathy said...

Yes men are like pod people. I live with three of them, and can only watch them in fascination, (and patience), lol.