Wednesday, August 06, 2008

One day of catch up then off again

Well, we've moved into our new home, got our satelite and internet connected. I'm nearly done unpacking. Only have a couple of minor boxes that contains nicnaks and pictures to hang on the walls. We're getting settled in and I've got the kids signed up for a virtual home school. Should be interesting.

However, we're off again tomorrow as my family is going on a Disney cruise. We'll be back sometime Sunday. It's a vacation that's well deserved for us all :)

But I do have a couple bits of news.

My cover for A Master's Love is part of August's Best Cover contest over at The Romance Bistro After Dark. Stop by and vote :D
To see the entries:
To vote:

Also remember that Dragon Riders 2: Reluctant Hearts is being released Aug. 12th. I'll have my cover up when I return from my cruise. I've seen the sample and liked it :P

Have a great week and weekend. See you next week and I'll get back onto schedule with my posting.

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