Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lucked out

I thought I'd take a break from tapping away at the keyboard to let everyone know that Fay shifted and we've only received rain and some nice cool weather. However, the bad part is that it has settled over the area I'd just moved from. Some parts of the county received 25 inches and probably more by now. Not a good thing as it's making many of the sewers systems back up and mix with the water that has no where to go. Even my DH's former place of employment (very glad of his promotion right about now) is being evacuated which is a big thing as they are having to move nearly 2,000 people. *sigh* What a headache.

So I'm keeping all our friends in our prayers and hoping they all stay safe.

Then, if the damn thing ever starts moving again, it's supposed to go BACK across FL and straight through the county where my mother, my sons and their families live. Let's hope it doesn't linger like it has now over Brevard Co.

Anyway, got a little good news. My proposal for a holiday story titled - A Gift Worth Sharing was accepted at Loose-Id. It centers around Nate and Kyle from A Master's Love with a possible release of Dec 2nd.

Also working on a third installment for my other publisher that will wind up what I started with At The Edge and enWrappture.

So I know I won't be online too much as they are both due at the end of this month *eek*

Floridians, stay safe and dry. Everyone else, have a great weekend coming up :)

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Kris said...

Glad that you moved out of that area. They are having a rough time.
My area is just getting a lot of rain, i am so tired of rain, but I am not flooding so I should not complain. :/