Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Busy writing

Okay, anyone who's been around for a bit knows that I'm not the most consistant blogger, no matter how hard I try. And I know I've been even worse this month...though I do have good excuses :)

However, at this moment, I have 4 days to complete two holiday stories. One is for a Phaze submission for the Oh,Oh,Oh Heatsheet line if accepted. This will be the last book of the related Trilogy that started with At The Edge and then enWrappture. Big title yet *banging head on table*. But this revolves around Devyn who we meet in enWrappture. She's Mason's sister and has some interesting psychic powers. Only when Jacob and Cameron show up at her door, her gift flees, giving her blessed silence and an overwhelming to not one, but two men.

The second is a follow up on Nate and Kyle from A Master's Love at Loose-Id. This one has been accepted and is looking for a Dec. 2nd release *eek* It's titled: A Gift Worth Sharing. Nate has a special gift planned for Kyle when they go away on a weekend trip. But will memories from Kyle's past destroy their time together?

And now that I'm homeschooling my kids (doing virtual school), I'm having to spend the mornings helping them and only have the afternoons and late, late nights to work. I know I never got my newsletter out *sigh* And I've got 4 books to write on and post on Worlds of Mayhem. But that's going to have to wait until after my deadlines.

So I'm off to keep pounding away at the keyboard.

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