Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Second Chances ~ Epilogue

This is a day late. I sort of passed out after my son and his family left last night. Who knew a 6 month old and a 2 year old could be so draining. I don't remember my twins or even when I had all 4 boys together being this tiring. But I loved playing Nana :) Anyway, I went to post earlier today and ... the chapter was gone. As was the post for Worlds of Mayhem blog, and the last chapter I'd written for a WIP. :-o No where to be found on my computer. Not even in the garbage can. That too had been wiped. I'm thinking someone got on, something went wrong and they thought they were doing me a favor by cleaning things up. WRONG!
So I had to spend the afternoon re-writing. This isn't exactly what I had planned, but I couldn't remember everything I'd done before *sigh* So here's the end of Second Chances.

Six months later…

Zack stood in the middle of the empty living room, his fingers twitching nervously. Not knowing what else to do with them, he stuffed them in his pocket.

“This is going to be great,” he said to…no one. Zack took a deep breath. He was really doing this. The journey had been long and hard, but Dr. Parker was a miracle worker. She knew exactly how to handle him and his situation.

“Zack?” Ryan stepped through the open front door. He looked around and Zack watched his reaction closely. “Your message said to meet you here at six. What’s going on?” He looked around “Whose place is this?”

Zack swallowed hard. He wasn’t the only one who’d gone through hard times the last six months. Ryan too had his own demons to conquer. It took him two months before he’d go see Dr. Parker. Neither was cured and completely over what had happened, but they were both on the road to recovery. Together.

“Did you have a hard time finding it?” Zack went to the fireplace and touched the mantle.

Ryan cocked his head slightly. “No.” Zack was sure he would burst into flames from the intense gaze.

“There are two bedrooms down the hall. A spacious kitchen and an adorable back yard.” Okay, he was blabbering now. He couldn’t help it. This shouldn’t be hard, but he was finding it almost as difficult as kissing Ryan for the first time.

It wasn’t as if he and Ryan hadn’t lived together before. It’s just that since that night with Rob…well, Ryan stayed at his father’s house and Zack had moved in, once more with Charlie and Maria.

There was a time of touch and go. Both he and Rob were stuck in their own traumatic mental worlds, their relationship crumbled. Barely on speaking terms. Both grieving their own losses and in their own way.

Just when Zack was sure he would never be the same again, never rid himself of the chill that took up residence in his chest, Ryan called. That was three months ago, and they were back on track.

“What’s this all about? You’re starting to worry me.”

Zack let out a long sigh. “Just tell me if you like it.” He almost snapped, but held his patience. Something that he found hard to do at times, but was working on. He watched Ryan’s brows crease, but he started looking around. He even wandered down the hall, looking out the windows.

Ryan nodded. “Yeah. It’s a nice place. Now will you tell me why we are here?”

For a cop, Ryan could be dense sometimes. “I thought I’d let you see your new residence. Our home, that is.” Ryan stopped and stared. “I mean, if you’re ready. I know we talked about it a couple of weeks ago of trying to live with each other again, and well, I saw this and I thought it was…” His voice faded. Heart stopped. Oxygen struggled.

Silence. Zack had come to hate silence. Even when he painted he now had to have background noise or he heard the gunshot over and over. It was fading, but it would take more time.

“You and me live here?”

Zack nodded, afraid to speak further. Waiting.

Slowly, a smile lifted the corners of Ryan’s lips. “Home.” He turned in a circle. He nodded. “Yes. Yes.” He stopped and met Zack’s waiting gaze. “Yes. Our home.”

Relief catapulted through Zack. Most of his fears being laid to rest. Tears gathered in his eyes.

In the next breath, Ryan was there, wrapping his arms around him, and pulling him close. “I love you, Zack. I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but you’ve been the best thing that has come into my life.”

Insecure doubt tried to creep in, but Zack pushed it away. Yes, Ryan had had another love in his life before they met. And Zack thought Rob had been his love. Fate had other plans for them.

“I’ve never felt as complete as when we are together, Ryan. I love you. I feel like we’ve been given a second chance at life and love.”

Ryan grazed his lips over Zack’s. “Perhaps, but I do know that I want to fall asleep with you in my arms and wake up to your beautiful mug every day for the rest of my life.”

Zack sucked in the scent of Ryan, body and mind aroused. “That’s doable. I think we should start right now.”

“Definitely.” Ryan agreed.

They kissed, hands roaming, cocks hardening, and lives mending.


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