Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Checking in....

Well, I'm still alive and kicking. We've gotten a few things moved into our new house already. There are things I like and dislike about the house. I do have to say that it helps with the unpacking as it's very similar to where I'm moving from. I can easily put most stuff back in the same place as it was :)

The movers are coming tomorrow. We'll pack their truck as much as possible and then my car. All other stuff (I'm sure it will be stuff like chemicals, lawnmower, etc...) we'll come back Sunday or Monday to finish getting as I've still got to vacumn and shampoo the carpets. I have my own machines so it's no trouble and since my new house is completely tile, I'll have no need for them and will end up in storage.

As for my net situation...*sigh* I've got an appointment to have Wild Blue satelite installed on Saturday. That is, if I get the equipment in time. If not, I may have to wait until AFTER our cruise next weekend as they only install them on Sat or Sun. *grrr*
Cross your fingers, send us some prayers, or good mojo that all goes well the rest of this week. I'm really ready for this to be over. Our new house has some really good writing areas for me I'm hoping to complete a lot of stuff this last part of the year.

Everyone have a great week. I'll check in again when I can.

Oh! Don't forget my Dragon Riders 2: Reluctant Hearts coming out around Aug 12th!!!!!

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