Thursday, June 05, 2008

Second Chances ~ Part 40

It's sunny and way too hot here already in Florida. Hurricane season has officially begun. The prediction is to have several hurricanes hit the state. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. I hope it's not at the beginning of Aug as I've scheduled a Disney Cruise for that time :D

Part 40

Rob shook his head. “No. That would be too easy. I won’t let you escape from me this time.” His gaze darted around the room.

Zack fought to control the trembling of his body. He didn’t have time for terror. He couldn’t let Maria get hurt. She had a baby to give life to.

“We know you are in there, Rob.” Shit, that was Ryan. His voice came from the other side of the door and Zack didn’t like how jumpy Rob appeared when his brother had spoken. Being skittish while holding a gun was never a good idea.

“Fuck you, Ryan. Go back home to Daddy. You were always his favorite.” Rob paced the length of the room, his fingers twitching around the gun in his right hand. He was really making Zack nervous.

“This is only causing you more problems, Rob.” Charlie. Damn it. Zack was sure his friend was going bonkers since Maria was in here.

“This doesn’t concern you. Get the hell out of here.”

“You’ve got my wife in there. The moment you entered the room, you drug me into your business.” Charlie’s anger resonated in every word.

Rob turned his attention to Maria, his fingers still twitching. Zack’s blood chilled.

“Taking her out of the picture won’t help anything,” he said.

“Perhaps not, but satisfying after all the crappy ideas she put in your head about me.”

Maria’s head shook and her mouth opened to speak, but Zack beat her to it. “Those were my thoughts, not hers.”

“Let me in, Rob. We’ll talk,” Ryan tried again.

“Like hell,” Rob muttered, walking to Zack and staring down at him.

Their gazes locked and Zack suppressed the shiver snaking down his spine. Those cold eyes were filled with nothing but rage and hatred. How had he ever thought they could hold any other emotion? He’d been a fool.

“Zack,” Maria gasped. His gaze left Rob’s and jerked to the hospital bed. She was clutching her stomach and pain etched her face. Fuck. Something was wrong. She needed medical attention…now!

“She needs a doctor. Take me, let’s get out of here and work this all out.”
Maria chose that moment to let out a painful moan.

Rob hesitated a moment, glancing around the room. There was no escape but through the one door. He grabbed Zack by the collar and yanked him up. “Get up.”

Zack stumbled and fell toward Rob. He hated having that man’s hands on him, but if not, he would have wound up face first on the hard floor.

Rob shoved Zack in front of him, on hand on his bound wrists, the other held the gun to Zack’s neck. “We’re coming out,” he shouted as he pushed Zack forward. “Kick it aside.”

Zack did as he was told. Using his foot, he swiftly removed the chair that held the door closed. “I can’t open it.”

Rob’s grip on his wrists tightened painfully. “Don’t talk to me like I’m an idiot.” Keeping the gun pressed to Zack’s neck, Rob released his grip on the wrists and leaned forward to grasp the door handle. “Everyone away from the door. I don’t want to see anyone within fifty feet of here when I open it.”

Zack could hear some talk and the sound of footprints growing fainter. They were leaving the area of the room. This surprised Zack. He thought they would try negotiating more. But then, he was glad they weren’t messing around since Maria really needed a doctor’s attention.

Rob pulled the door open. “Go.”

With one last look at Maria, Zack walked out of the room and into an empty hall. Rob was right behind him, using his body as a shield. They inched along the wall and Zack realized that the hall wasn’t as deserted as he thought. Here and there, he saw police and security officers. He could only hope they didn’t do something to set Rob off.

“Maria needs help. Get her a doctor.” Zack yelled out. The barrel of the gun pressed harder to his neck, but Rob stayed calm.

No one moved. Were they afraid of what Rob might do?

“Jesus, Rob. Let them get her help.” If she lost the baby because of the stress she’d been under, Zack would never forgive himself. Hope flared when Rob stopped their movement. Zack tried again. “Please.” It didn’t take much effort to make the word a plea.

“Get the doctor in there,” Rob yelled down the hall where Zack could see a glimpse of Ryan and Charlie. “But if anyone else approaches, he’s dead.”

There was some excitement down there, but they were too far away to hear exactly what was being said. Rob nudged him and they started back down the hall toward the elevator. Zack didn’t dare attempt to get more from Rob. As long as Maria got help and the others weren’t harmed. He could live with that. Or die with that.

“You can’t get far, Rob.” Ryan said loudly from the other end of the hall just as Rob pressed the elevator button.

Rob didn’t respond. The elevator dinged and the doors slid open. It was empty.

“Don’t ignore me!”

Zack was shoved into the elevator, stumbled, and slammed into the back wall. Rob followed. As the doors closed, he finally spoke. “He’s mine.”

The deadpan tone of Rob’s statement made Zack trembled. His body slid down the wall until he was huddled into the corner. Rob pushed the button for the top floor. The elevator jerked slightly before rising up. Before it could reach the top floor, he slammed his hand on the emergency button. Stopping it completely.

“Alone at last,” Rob said as he turned and stared down at Zack.

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