Friday, June 20, 2008

News, Giveaway, and Chat

I know it's been a while since I've posted. I've been in and out of town as my family has decided upon doing some small impromptu mini vacations. They've been great, but tiring. It's been nice to get out of the house, yet again, I'm behind on EVERYTHING! Including housework *ugh* So I've been slack on posting on the blog.

Those of you reading Second Chances will be happy to know that it will be completed and posted next week. Yes, you heard me right. Thanks to all those who've stayed with me *sigh* It turned out longer and bigger than I anticipated. Oh, and let's not mention that I've rewritte the ending about three times :s

Okay, as you all know, Fallen Angels and Lascivious are both available. Make sure you check them out. :)

I have a chat tomorrow at The_Sierra_Club (Sierra Dafoe's group) from 10-2 EST since I'm her June Featured Author. Stop by and say hi. I'll be doing a giveaway during that time.

Speaking of giving away things, I have one going on. The winners will be posted during my chat tomorrow. Details below...

You’ll have not one, but three chances to win.
(Please read each opportunity carefully)

– One name will be drawn from those who send the correct answer
Prize: A copy of my latest M/M e-book, Fallen Angels

Answer this question from Dragon Riders 1: Bonded Hearts - Where was Nick originally from?
Answer can be found in the excerpt on my website (click the Read It link on the Book List page)

CHANCE TWO – One name will be drawn from those who send the correct answer
Prize: A $15 gift certificate from Loose-Id

This is for those who have already purchased Fallen Angels. (Thanks a lot by the way)
Send me a list of the other members of the Fallen Angels.
(Hint: Chapter 23 has the answer. There are 6 others besides Mammon and Adam)

CHANCE THREE- One member’s name will be drawn
Prize: A copy of my first print book, Lascivious

This prize will be given to a member of my newsletter group. So make sure you’re a member before Saturday, June 21st.

Send entries for Chance one and two to (marty AT martyrayne DOT com)
Deadline is June 21st, 1pm EST

All winners will be announced during my chat at The Sierra Club, Saturday, June 21st, 10-2 EST
Stop by and say Hi! You’ll receive another chance to win a book!

Have a great weekend and see you tomorrow!


Kris said...

is the chat 10PM to 2 Am or 10 Am-2 PM?

Marty Rayne said...

oops, sorry Kris. It's 10am - 2pm

Tameka said...

Nick was originally from Miami