Saturday, June 07, 2008

I feel like I'm nesting!

I know many places are just getting nice, warm weather. Here in FL...yeah, it's already summer temperatures. Hot, humid, and sometimes miserable. So what did I do today? Clean!!! Shortly after waking this morning, I headed out to our storage room (a room connected to our carport) and decided to clean it all out. Then I went to the shed (Uh, yeah, it's a building as big as a house and we share it with the neighbors in our duplex). I'll admit that I'm a pack rack, but today, I got rid of at least 10 big trash bags of stuff. Then I came inside, cooled down, watched a movie with hubby (One Missed Call is a strange movie) and cleaned out some more things here and there around the house. And I'm still restless and itching to clean more *lol*

Truly, I don't know what's up. No, I'm not pregnant. I guess my sub-conscious knows that I've got to get ready, make room, and set up everything my children need for their schooling come August since I'm enrolling them into a virtual school instead of them heading off to Middle School. A little here, a little there all summer long will be perfect.
Anyway, here's an interesting tattoo I found...on a pretty nice back too ;)

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