Friday, April 04, 2008


Still sickies in my house :( My mother in law has a sinus infection like me and both my son and hubby has the Flu...not to mention that myself, mother in law, and other son are taking the same Flu medication to try and prevent getting it since it's contagious *sigh* I can't wait to feel better and to clear my head.

On the brighter side...

I don't think I ever put on here that Fallen Angels is now contracted!!!
Below is the blurb. That one will be released with Loose-Id also and before Dragon Riders 2: Reluctant Hearts.

Adam Hardy’s assignment was clear: Infiltrate the pseudo-biker gang Fallen Angels and bring back the dirt on their big boss, Lucifer.

Nowhere in the mission statement did it tell him to fall for their leader, Mammon.

Marc, aka Mammon, thought that a quick dip would sate the lust he held for the newest Fallen Angel. After all, Adam would never be his now that Lucifer has taken an interest in the pretty-boy.

Who knew sex and the unexpected bond of trust would bring the two men together as they try to take Lucifer down and out of their lives forever. Can the two survive all the obstacles thrown at them?

Have a great weekend!


Kris said...

Hope you are feeling better :)

Marty Rayne said...

Thanks Kris...I am and family is pretty well over it all :)
I'll have another part to second chances up tomorrow

Kris said...

I am glad. Yeah for the second chances installment! :)