Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Second Chances ~ Part 37

Shh, I know it's after midnight, but since I haven't gone to bed yet, that just means that it's still Tuesday for me :)
I'm going out of town for a couple of days so I've been packing and doing all the stuff required that I do for the kids' school before leaving. I'm sooo ready for the end of the school year. *sigh*

Part 37

Maria slapped Zack’s hand away. “Will you stop it? I’m not completely helpless you know?”

He held his hands up in surrender. “I’m sorry. I’m just trying to help.” Today was Maria’s third day in the hospital. The baby, nearing the end of its first trimester, was doing fine, and Maria…well, she was Maria…plus some grouchiness. Since she was pregnant, she refused any type of pain medication besides Tylenol, though Zack was sure they were slipping something that was safe for the baby into her IV a couple of times a day. But a fractured pelvis and recovering from surgery wasn’t the kind of thing that would keep this woman down. Thankfully.

Maria sighed. “I know. But really, I’m not an invalid. And it makes me feel better to do things for myself.”

Zack dragged the chair closer to the bed and sat. “You know the doctor doesn’t want you to move about too much at first.”

“It’s been three days!” Her voice rose with frustration. Yeah, Maria was never one to sit still for too long. He could only imagine the hell she’s been going through being bed bound.

He took her hand and gave it a squeeze. “And you’ve got many more to deal with in here. So just sit back and relax.” He gave her a wicked smile. “And if you’re a good girl, I’ll sneak in your cell phone and laptop tomorrow.”

This piqued her interest. “Really?” Charlie had been adamant about making her relax, refusing to let her yap away on her cell phone and spend hours on her laptop.

Zack nodded. “But only for a couple of hours.”

Maria smiled and shifted slowly in the hospital bed. “All right. I’ll even let that handsome male nurse give me a sponge bath tonight.”

He laughed. “You are such a naughty girl.”

“Something’s got to keep me entertained, right?”

They sat there in comfortable silence, Maria leafing through the magazine Zack had brought in that morning. His thoughts wandered to Ryan, who was sleeping after working the night shift. He had that night off, so they could spend some time together.

Zack was still in awe at the relationship developing between them. Everyone had been concerned that when he looked at Ryan, he would see Rob. They were very much wrong. All Zack saw when he gazed upon the handsomeness of Ryan was…Ryan. Plain and simple. Even Dr. Parker had questioned him seemingly endlessly on the subject before she smiled and approved of his choice of partner. She even mentioned that his treatment was coming together quicker and easier than she anticipated after he and Ryan became a couple.

And it felt good. Damn good.

Finally, Zack was ready to move on. He had a future with Ryan and he wasn’t going to spend one minute more than he had to in the past. Yes, they still had Rob’s trial and a few little details, like who’d sent a bomb to their apartment, but overall, he could see them working their way through those obstacles.

“I’m starving. Is it lunchtime yet?”

Zack glanced at his watch and before he could speak, the door opened. At first he was surprised to find Ryan already up and about today. He’d just went to bed after eight that morning. Usually, he didn’t rise until after four.

However, after a couple of heartbeats, his smile disappeared and fear replaced all thoughts of happiness.

“What? Not glad to see me?”

Maria gasped as she too realized who was standing in the room.

“Rob,” Zack growled.

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