Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Second Chances ~ Part 35

With it Spring Break this week, it's hard to keep to schedule, but at least I'm posting :) Still got this nagging cough, but feeling much better than I did a week ago. It's just taking it's own sweet time moving on *sigh* Sinus infections suck!

Part 35

Rob watched the television intently. His hands trembled. Not with worry, but excitement. It was a brilliant idea and untraceable. He could almost taste the sweet victory of revenge. So close. The media just had to confirm it.

“We are still awaiting the Fire Chief’s report as to the cause of the disastrous fire. However, we do have a report of four deaths and at least ten injuries, all sent to the local hospital. The names have not yet been released.”

“Damn,” Rob muttered and started pacing. He needed to know who was dead. If he was really lucky, Ryan would be one of them, but he knew that he was scheduled to work. He’d deal with his brother later. Right now there was only one name he wanted to see in the obituary listing.

He picked up the phone and hit the speed dial. “I need to you go up to the hospital.”

The speeders got a lucky break on this night. Ryan had literally pushed the Sheriff into his car and ordered him to the hospital. Charlie and Maria needed him more than the Fire Chief. However, that left him stuck at the scene to help out. Not unfamiliar with the procedures in these cases, Ryan turned out to be more help rather than a pest to the Fire Chief.

The fire had definitely been started because of a bomb, originating from his apartment. However, they also found some sort of accelerant painted on the walls of the hall around their apartment. It seemed as if whoever did this, wanted to make sure that if they weren’t killed by the explosion, the fire or smoke would do it’s job. Anyone inside the apartment would have been trapped.

“Thanks for the help, Hayes.” The Fire Chief and Ryan stood next to each other watching the left over embers still glowing in the coming dawn.

“Not a problem. Glad I was able to be here rather than inside.”

They stood in silence for several minutes, watching the firemen do their jobs. They were all tired and dirty. Smoke lay heavily in the air. Soot covered the remaining structure of the building.

Ryan’s gut was telling him that Rob had a hand in this. Would there be proof left from this inferno? Probably not. He was positive that Zack had been the target. The package was in Zack’s name and the return address was something no one would think twice about as Zack ordered brushes from the same company every few months to replace the old ones. Rob knew the ins and outs of Zack’s life from their time living together. He’d be the only one to pull it off without suspect. However, Ryan knew.

But once it was found that Zack wasn’t killed in the explosion, Rob would try again…and again until his ex-lover ended up dead. Rob was that vengeful. If anyone knew, it was Ryan.

“Heard about Mrs. Mulligan?”

Ryan nodded. “She’ll be fine. I’m going to stop by the hospital and get the details after I’m done here.”

“Well, I think that you’ve done all you can do here. My men will make sure the embers don’t flare up and you’ve got all you need for a report, correct?”

“Yes, sir.”

“So go on. Get cleaned up, something to eat, and some rest.”

Ryan eyed what had once been his home. “Yeah. Dad’s got my old bedroom ready.”

The Fire Chief chuckled. “Tell the old geezer I said hi.”

A soft smile lifted Ryan’s lips. “I sure will.” He turned and started for his patrol car. Exhaustion was starting to settle as the adrenaline ebbed away. If only he could curl up and sleep for a few days. However, there were other issues still to deal with.

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