Friday, March 14, 2008

Second Chances ~ Part 31

This is to help make up for all the delays on this story. I've got one more chapter left, deciding how I want to end it just yet, but the others are completed :)
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Part 31

Lying in bed, Zack turned to Ryan. Zack had put off his advances of comfort since they found out about Rob’s release. He knew it was unfair to Ryan and now, as he lay wide-awake in the dark silence, he wanted his lover’s reassuring touch.

“Ryan.” He reached out and touched the bare shoulder next to him. No response. Maybe he’d fallen asleep. “I’m sorry.”

Nearly three breaths later, Ryan turned over to face him. Silent.

Shit. This was weighing all on Zack. He’d really hurt Ryan’s feelings. It wasn’t only his own welfare that he had to worry about, but also Ryan’s. But then, he didn’t see Ryan ever backing down from his brother now. Not when he realized the truth of what Rob is and the damage he could really do.

“I’m being selfish,” he said with a sigh.

“You think?”

Sarcasm. Not anger as he‘d expected. A good sign.

“I’m scared. With Rob out of jail, who knows what he’ll try to do. I just always assumed he’d be behind bars forever. I never thought of him actually getting out.”

Ryan’s hand laid gently on his. The warmth itself was comforting. “No one else did either. Even our father hadn’t found a good defense. Not that he’d defend Rob for almost killing you.”

Zack gave his lover a gentle smile. The entire situation was a difficult one for everyone.

“As much as I fought it, I love you, Ryan.” His hand flipped so that their fingers could intertwine. “I’ve heard comments that I shouldn’t be with you. That I’m only doing myself harm. That you are a constant reminder of my past.”

“And Dr. Parker? What does she say?”

Zack sighed. He had cut back seeing her to once a week since he and Ryan became lovers. “She’s supportive of my decision.” He chuckled. “I pay her to say it’s okay to be involved with you.”

Ryan shook his head, not amused. “You know she’s helped you a lot.”

“You’re right. It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly six months since it all happened.”

“It’s not all been bad.” Ryan moved closer, his hand untangling from Zack’s and sliding up to stroke his hip.

“True.” He pulled Ryan closer, his own hand sliding under the sheet and over his bare ass cheek. Ryan moaned when he gave it a quick squeeze.

Zack kissed Ryan, long and deep, letting his lover feel every ounce of his love and attraction until he broke apart breathless.

“I need you, Zack.” Ryan pressed his hardened cock to Zack’s and was rewarded with a low growl of agreement.

Zack reached down and took Ryan’s pulsing cock in his hand. He slid his hand up and down it several times, enough to get Ryan’s hips into action.

“Take me.” Zack swallowed hard. “From behind.”

Ryan stopped and stared. “Are you sure?”

Always the caring, compassionate lover. Letting Zack lead, careful not to raise painful memories. Which is why they rarely did this position. A reminder of how Rob often took him after the abuse.

“No.” he answered truthfully.

“Well, then, how about this?” Ryan rolled so he was on top of Zack, his cock nestled between Zack’s thighs.

All tension fled as flesh rubbed on flesh. “Yes,” he hissed, relinquishing control. Trusting his lover to no hurt him. Not to use sex as a punishment or selfishly.

Ryan leaned to the left, snagging the tube of lube that had a permanent spot on Zack’s bedside table. In the dim light, Zack watch him use it on himself, then reached between their legs and dabbed some on Zack’s throbbing hole.

“I love you,” Ryan whispered as he situated their bodies to fit together.

Zack used the fingers of one hand to caress his lover’s strong jaw. Emotion welled in his gut, tears threatened to flow from his eyes, but he blinked them back as their gazes locked.

With a smooth thrust, Ryan entered Zack. He arched his back, eyes closed, as pleasure coursed through his body. There was no sensation better than his lover embedded in his body.

Together, the men found a sensual rhythm and made love. Forgetting the danger that lay ahead as their common enemy was free to do them harm again.


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