Monday, March 10, 2008

Second Chances ~ Part 30

I hope everyone had a better weekend than myself. This weather is driving me crazy as everyone is getting sick *sigh*

Part 30

“Are you sure this will work?” Rob paced the small cell. He was near mad from being in this shit-hole of a jail.

Dale Reynolds nodded and pushed a folder through the bars. “The statute is very clear. The perfect loop hole.”

Rob wanted to smack the smirk from his lawyer’s face. If he hadn’t ridden his ass so hard, add a few threats, the lazy ass wouldn’t have gotten this far. It pissed him off that he had to work so hard to gain his freedom. Especially when the cheating pussy was free to do as he wanted…with his brother no less. That did nothing to ease his anger.

Flipping through the paperwork, he skimmed the words. Legal jargon. Most not even making sense to him. That’s why he had lawyers and accountants. To deal with all of this.

“How soon?” He handed the folder back to Reynolds.

“I’ve already got the ball rolling. You should be back home by tomorrow afternoon.”

A smile slipped to his lips. Images of revenge, thoughts he’d been developing since the night of his incarceration, came to light. Once he was free, he had only to decide which route to take.

“That’s bullshit!” Zack shouted, his fingers digging through his hair.

“Zack.” Ryan reached out and touched his shoulder. Zack jerked away. He knew he was hurting Ryan’s feelings, but he didn’t want to be touched right now.

“This isn’t right. He almost killed me. How can he be getting out of jail?” He looked to his friend’s father. The Sheriff.

“I’m sorry, son. I hated having to bring you this news.” Sheriff Muligan shook his head. “It’s out of my hands. The judge has decided to release Rob due to this buried statute his lawyer dug up.”

“So he won’t go to trial?” Ryan asked. Zack glanced at his lover and ground his teeth. Ryan’s expression was a mixture of concern, anger, and …fear?

“That’s between the DA and his attorney. But as of twelve thirty today, Rob Hayes is released from jail until a decision is made.”

“Does Charlie know? Maria?” Zack stopped his pacing long enough to look at the Sheriff.

“Yes. Charlie found out even before me while he was on shift last night.”

“What a night for me to be off,” Ryan muttered. His fingers formed fists at his side. This news was upsetting to everyone. He rubbed his neck. “What about Zack? Can we file an injunction against Rob before he’s released?”

“I’ll do what I can with the judge, but I don’t know if I can get it completed by that time.”

Zack didn’t like the lack of confidence the Sheriff had in his voice. However, he knew that the older man would do all he could to help protect him. Would it be enough?

“I’m sure Rob wouldn’t be that stupid.” Zack tried to smile and reassure the other men, only it waned when their expression continued to be grim. He used the kitchen chair to brace his weight on, knuckles white from his grip. He felt a little lightheaded. No this wasn’t good.

“Let’s hope not.” The Sheriff said, starting for the door. “I’ll get the paperwork started on that injunction. I’ll call if anything comes up.”

“Thanks, George,” Zack muttered watching Ryan close the door. He felt numb. Not sure which emotion should render the others useless. He knew he should be frightened. If he’d learned anything in the two years he was with Rob, it was that the man held a grudge and hated to see another get one up on him or screw up any of his well-laid plans.

Then there was the fact that he was now in a relationship with Ryan. They’ve been sexually involved for nearly four weeks now and all was going smoothly. Zack had even moved some of his stuff into Ryan’s apartment. Some of his friends thought it were too soon to do it, but it felt too right. Ryan was nothing like his twin.

If Rob finds out, he will not be the only target for his ex-lover’s wrath.


Gina, Book Dragon said...

and this is exactly why the law books need to be cleaned up!

Man, If I was Zack & Ryan, I'd be thinking about a loooong vacation. Maybe Charlie and Maria too, just to be on the safe side.

I'm hoping Ryan's dad can do something but I'm not sure what....

Marty Rayne said...

lol...yeah, so would I, Gina. But what fun is that? *wink*