Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hump Day

and already it's been a long week *sigh*

I thought I was being nice by typing out my son's story he wrote for school. It would have taken him three days to type out his 14 pages of written work (he's not as swift on the keyboard as his brother...or me ;) lol) Anyway, I will never do it again. I had to force myself not to play editor and kept saying "He's only 11. He's only 11."
It was an editor...or even a writer's nightmare. BUT the plot was great. So what does 'writer mom" do? I sit him down and point out all the mistakes of course. Being the boy he is, he merely rolled his eyes and said, "Okay, mom. Oh, and thanks!"
Now my head's in a boggle, his animal characters literally screaming in my head still (yes, every other sentence had an ! to emphasize excitement LOL.

Lesson learned. I'll stick to helping him edit it and let him do the typing.

Guess I'll go and do some housework to clear them out *smacking forehead*

If wavering and doubtful, reconsider your plans.

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