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Second Chances ~ Part 33

Sorry I'm a day late. I've been swamped with a deadline. However, Reluctant Hearts is completed *happy dance* I'm just doing the final edits before sending it off to my editor.
Meanwhile...here's the next chapter

Part 33

Ryan’s radio came to life minutes after he settled himself in his patrol car. He was thinking of driving around downtown before heading to the west edge of town by the highway. A great place to catch speeders on a slow night. Especially since Charlie seemed to have taken the only excitement that’s been had around town in the past two days.

Reports of an explosion in an apartment building, echoed through the deafening silence. A fire on four of its floors. Immediately his heart stopped, his stomach dropping. Then he heard the address and he felt lightheaded, his vision blurring.

“No. No.” Ryan shook his head. Lights and sirens wailing, he made a U-turn and headed home.

The scene was horrific in Ryan’s eyes. There were three fire trucks, two ambulances, and crowds of people huddled behind yellow tape or by the ambulances. The fire was roaring as he stepped from his car, the flames licking up the walls like tongues.


“Hayes!” Over all the noise, it took the voice a few times to get his attention. Ryan turned toward the largest fire engine and found the Sheriff there.

Ryan rushed over, ignoring the questions. His eyes probed the crowd, but he didn’t see the face he looking for…or the one that was similar to his own.

“Where’s Zack? Was he up there? My God, I can’t believe I left him alone.” Tears once more blurred his vision. He blinked rapidly, wanting to blame the smoke rather than his emotions.

The Sheriff laid his hands on both of Ryan’s shoulders. “He’s fine. He wasn’t there when it happened.”

“Wasn’t there? Where was he? I told him not to go anywhere alone. I swear…” Then it hit him. Zack hadn’t been in their third floor apartment when the fire started. He was fine. “I don’t understand. What happened?” Even as he asked the questions, his eyes were searching the crowds again for his lover’s face.

“I’m not sure yet. The Fire Chief can’t get up there until the flames are out. Witnesses say that there was a loud boom. An explosion on the third floor, then the fire spread pretty quickly. One firefighter who’s been inside said that there could have some accelerant involved, which is why it spread so fast as the building is only a few years old.”

“So where is Zack?” He just couldn’t really concentrate not knowing where his lover was.

“Hopefully at the hospital by now.”

“What? You said he wasn’t there!” Ryan felt as if he was going to explode any moment. His fingers balled into fists at his side, but forced himself to refrain from slugging the older man. His boss.

“He wasn’t. He rode in the ambulance with Maria.”

Suddenly, Ryan noticed the deep creases of worry in the Sheriff’s expression. Holy shit. Maria? What in the world was she doing here?

“I don’t understand.”

The Sheriff took a deep breath then decided against it as the air was filled with smoke. “I called looking for Charlie. I’d had car troubles and needed assistance. I couldn’t reach Charlie and Zack insisted that he come out and help. What neither of us knew, was that Charlie had called Maria and asked if she could cut out of that show so she could stay with Zack until he could get off.”

Ryan felt his body grow cold. “And she was here when this started.”

The Sheriff nodded. “For some reason the elevator wasn’t working so she took the stairs. From what the paramedic could gather, she was at the door of the third floor when it blew.”

“Son of a whore.”

“Yeah.” The Sheriff shook his had.

“Does Charlie know?”

“Yes. I finally got a hold of him. He’s on the way to the hospital.”

Ryan scrubbed his palm over his neck. Until they had more information as to what caused it, no one could accuse anyone of anything. But deep down he knew that his brother was somehow connected.

The image of the package he’d picked up from the hall came to mind. It had Zack’s name on it. There was even the address of the supply company he got his materials from. But Rob would know that also. A bomb. They’d been sent a fucking bomb. And it was meant for Zack.

“Fuck me running.”

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hump Day

and already it's been a long week *sigh*

I thought I was being nice by typing out my son's story he wrote for school. It would have taken him three days to type out his 14 pages of written work (he's not as swift on the keyboard as his brother...or me ;) lol) Anyway, I will never do it again. I had to force myself not to play editor and kept saying "He's only 11. He's only 11."
It was an editor...or even a writer's nightmare. BUT the plot was great. So what does 'writer mom" do? I sit him down and point out all the mistakes of course. Being the boy he is, he merely rolled his eyes and said, "Okay, mom. Oh, and thanks!"
Now my head's in a boggle, his animal characters literally screaming in my head still (yes, every other sentence had an ! to emphasize excitement LOL.

Lesson learned. I'll stick to helping him edit it and let him do the typing.

Guess I'll go and do some housework to clear them out *smacking forehead*

If wavering and doubtful, reconsider your plans.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Second Chances ~ Part 32

I hope everyone had a great day!
I'm back to work on completing Reluctant Hearts!

Part 32

“I swear, Ryan. I’ll be alright for a half an hour by myself,” Zack huffed, plopping down on the couch and twirling a paintbrush.

Ryan eyed his lover with uncertainty. It’s been two days since Rob got out of jail and there’d been not a word from him. From what his father had said, Rob has holed up in his apartment, not speaking to anyone but his accountant and lawyer. Rob even had the nerve to tell his own father to stop calling him.

No matter. Between himself, Charlie, and Maria, Zack had not been alone one minute. Even with the protective injunction against Rob, no one trusted him to stand by its order. However, tonight, Ryan had to get on shift, Maria was at one of her shows, and Charlie had been detained by a disorderly drunk who had a warrant for his arrest from another county.

“Go.” Zack made shooing motions toward the door.

Still, Ryan’s gut didn’t feel right. “Maybe I can call the Sheriff and…”

“No. You are not to bother George. He’s out with the Widow Johns. I don’t need a babysitter. Charlie will get here as soon as he can.”

Reluctantly, Ryan nodded. He was correct. Zack was a grown man. He’d taken the news of Rob’s release well. Even Dr. Parker was impressed with how he was handling the situation. Now the rest of them…they weren’t so accommodating. They were worried sick for his safety and their own.

“I’ve got my cell. Call me if you need me.” Ryan opened the door and nearly tripped over a box sitting on the floor. He picked it up. It had Zack’s name on it. “Looks like your new brushes came.”

“Really?” Zack rose from the couch and took the box from Ryan.

“Something wrong?”

Zack shook his head. “No. Just thought it would be another couple of days.” He shrugged. “It’s okay. I don’t need them until this weekend anyway. I want to finish this with the brushes I started with. Keeps the textures the same.” He placed the box on the kitchen table.

Ryan kissed Zack. “Lock the door.”

“Don’t talk to strangers. I know the drill, Mom.” He rolled his eyes. “Just be careful out there. No more bullet wounds.”

“Don’t be a smart-ass.” Ryan smirked. “I already told you, that was Charlie’s fault.”

Zack chuckled. “Yeah, sure.”

The smile faded as the door closed shut. Ryan had a bad feeling. Still, he couldn’t encase Zack in bulletproof glass for the rest of his life either, could he? With a sigh, Ryan walked away from the apartment to start the night shift, his nerves already on edge.

The phone rang not five minutes after Ryan left.

“Hey, Zack. Is Charlie there?”

It was George.

“No. He got held up at work.”

“That’s why I can’t get a hold of him. Damn.”

“What’s wrong? Something I can do for you?”

There was a pause. “Who’s with you, Zack?”

He let out a silent sigh and rolled his eyes. Here comes Papa Bear. “No one. Ryan had to get to work, but Charlie will be over as soon as he gets done.”

Another second of silence. “This is embarrassing, but my truck battery died. I don’t have my jumper cables…and well.”

“Where are you?” He smiled with amusement. He rarely heard George so flustered.

“The rock query.”

A local make out spot for teenagers. But with it being a weeknight it was most likely deserted. And a perfect spot for an adult to take his lady for some quiet.

“No problem. I’ll be there in about fifteen minutes.”


“Don’t worry. I’ll be careful. Promise.” He shook his head and hung up the phone. Grabbing his keys, he chuckled. “And I’ll make sure he never lives this down.”

At The Mercy of Her Pleasure by Kayelle Allen was posted at Worlds of Mayhem today! Saving Will was posted yesterday. Stop by and check them out. Reading

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Second Chances ~ Part 31

This is to help make up for all the delays on this story. I've got one more chapter left, deciding how I want to end it just yet, but the others are completed :)
Happy reading!

Part 31

Lying in bed, Zack turned to Ryan. Zack had put off his advances of comfort since they found out about Rob’s release. He knew it was unfair to Ryan and now, as he lay wide-awake in the dark silence, he wanted his lover’s reassuring touch.

“Ryan.” He reached out and touched the bare shoulder next to him. No response. Maybe he’d fallen asleep. “I’m sorry.”

Nearly three breaths later, Ryan turned over to face him. Silent.

Shit. This was weighing all on Zack. He’d really hurt Ryan’s feelings. It wasn’t only his own welfare that he had to worry about, but also Ryan’s. But then, he didn’t see Ryan ever backing down from his brother now. Not when he realized the truth of what Rob is and the damage he could really do.

“I’m being selfish,” he said with a sigh.

“You think?”

Sarcasm. Not anger as he‘d expected. A good sign.

“I’m scared. With Rob out of jail, who knows what he’ll try to do. I just always assumed he’d be behind bars forever. I never thought of him actually getting out.”

Ryan’s hand laid gently on his. The warmth itself was comforting. “No one else did either. Even our father hadn’t found a good defense. Not that he’d defend Rob for almost killing you.”

Zack gave his lover a gentle smile. The entire situation was a difficult one for everyone.

“As much as I fought it, I love you, Ryan.” His hand flipped so that their fingers could intertwine. “I’ve heard comments that I shouldn’t be with you. That I’m only doing myself harm. That you are a constant reminder of my past.”

“And Dr. Parker? What does she say?”

Zack sighed. He had cut back seeing her to once a week since he and Ryan became lovers. “She’s supportive of my decision.” He chuckled. “I pay her to say it’s okay to be involved with you.”

Ryan shook his head, not amused. “You know she’s helped you a lot.”

“You’re right. It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly six months since it all happened.”

“It’s not all been bad.” Ryan moved closer, his hand untangling from Zack’s and sliding up to stroke his hip.

“True.” He pulled Ryan closer, his own hand sliding under the sheet and over his bare ass cheek. Ryan moaned when he gave it a quick squeeze.

Zack kissed Ryan, long and deep, letting his lover feel every ounce of his love and attraction until he broke apart breathless.

“I need you, Zack.” Ryan pressed his hardened cock to Zack’s and was rewarded with a low growl of agreement.

Zack reached down and took Ryan’s pulsing cock in his hand. He slid his hand up and down it several times, enough to get Ryan’s hips into action.

“Take me.” Zack swallowed hard. “From behind.”

Ryan stopped and stared. “Are you sure?”

Always the caring, compassionate lover. Letting Zack lead, careful not to raise painful memories. Which is why they rarely did this position. A reminder of how Rob often took him after the abuse.

“No.” he answered truthfully.

“Well, then, how about this?” Ryan rolled so he was on top of Zack, his cock nestled between Zack’s thighs.

All tension fled as flesh rubbed on flesh. “Yes,” he hissed, relinquishing control. Trusting his lover to no hurt him. Not to use sex as a punishment or selfishly.

Ryan leaned to the left, snagging the tube of lube that had a permanent spot on Zack’s bedside table. In the dim light, Zack watch him use it on himself, then reached between their legs and dabbed some on Zack’s throbbing hole.

“I love you,” Ryan whispered as he situated their bodies to fit together.

Zack used the fingers of one hand to caress his lover’s strong jaw. Emotion welled in his gut, tears threatened to flow from his eyes, but he blinked them back as their gazes locked.

With a smooth thrust, Ryan entered Zack. He arched his back, eyes closed, as pleasure coursed through his body. There was no sensation better than his lover embedded in his body.

Together, the men found a sensual rhythm and made love. Forgetting the danger that lay ahead as their common enemy was free to do them harm again.


Predatory Game by Christine Feehan was posted on Worlds of Mayhem today!

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The sun was shining...

and the husband was off today so we spent a portion of the day at the beach
Sandy Beach
It was good to get out of the house after being cooped up for the last several weeks dealing with sickies. Great way to recoup.

Dark Resurrection by John A. Karr was posted on
Worlds of Mayhem. Take a moment and check it out.

Persist Patiently and you will prevail.

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Night Launch

I woke up at 2:25 this morning to watch the Shuttle Endeavor launch. Night launches are rare and with only 11 missions left, watching them are being numbered *sigh*
Let me tell you...if you've never seen a night launch...it's amazing!!!

It lights up the sky like it's nearly daytime. Unfortunately there was a thick cloud bank so the shuttle was only visible for about 10 seconds before it swallowed it. It was so thick that not even the glow from the thrusters could be seen. Still, it was a great site.

I posted Blue Ruin 1: Some Kind of Stranger over on Worlds of Mayhem :)

Act before chances are lost

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Second Chances ~ Part 30

I hope everyone had a better weekend than myself. This weather is driving me crazy as everyone is getting sick *sigh*

Part 30

“Are you sure this will work?” Rob paced the small cell. He was near mad from being in this shit-hole of a jail.

Dale Reynolds nodded and pushed a folder through the bars. “The statute is very clear. The perfect loop hole.”

Rob wanted to smack the smirk from his lawyer’s face. If he hadn’t ridden his ass so hard, add a few threats, the lazy ass wouldn’t have gotten this far. It pissed him off that he had to work so hard to gain his freedom. Especially when the cheating pussy was free to do as he wanted…with his brother no less. That did nothing to ease his anger.

Flipping through the paperwork, he skimmed the words. Legal jargon. Most not even making sense to him. That’s why he had lawyers and accountants. To deal with all of this.

“How soon?” He handed the folder back to Reynolds.

“I’ve already got the ball rolling. You should be back home by tomorrow afternoon.”

A smile slipped to his lips. Images of revenge, thoughts he’d been developing since the night of his incarceration, came to light. Once he was free, he had only to decide which route to take.

“That’s bullshit!” Zack shouted, his fingers digging through his hair.

“Zack.” Ryan reached out and touched his shoulder. Zack jerked away. He knew he was hurting Ryan’s feelings, but he didn’t want to be touched right now.

“This isn’t right. He almost killed me. How can he be getting out of jail?” He looked to his friend’s father. The Sheriff.

“I’m sorry, son. I hated having to bring you this news.” Sheriff Muligan shook his head. “It’s out of my hands. The judge has decided to release Rob due to this buried statute his lawyer dug up.”

“So he won’t go to trial?” Ryan asked. Zack glanced at his lover and ground his teeth. Ryan’s expression was a mixture of concern, anger, and …fear?

“That’s between the DA and his attorney. But as of twelve thirty today, Rob Hayes is released from jail until a decision is made.”

“Does Charlie know? Maria?” Zack stopped his pacing long enough to look at the Sheriff.

“Yes. Charlie found out even before me while he was on shift last night.”

“What a night for me to be off,” Ryan muttered. His fingers formed fists at his side. This news was upsetting to everyone. He rubbed his neck. “What about Zack? Can we file an injunction against Rob before he’s released?”

“I’ll do what I can with the judge, but I don’t know if I can get it completed by that time.”

Zack didn’t like the lack of confidence the Sheriff had in his voice. However, he knew that the older man would do all he could to help protect him. Would it be enough?

“I’m sure Rob wouldn’t be that stupid.” Zack tried to smile and reassure the other men, only it waned when their expression continued to be grim. He used the kitchen chair to brace his weight on, knuckles white from his grip. He felt a little lightheaded. No this wasn’t good.

“Let’s hope not.” The Sheriff said, starting for the door. “I’ll get the paperwork started on that injunction. I’ll call if anything comes up.”

“Thanks, George,” Zack muttered watching Ryan close the door. He felt numb. Not sure which emotion should render the others useless. He knew he should be frightened. If he’d learned anything in the two years he was with Rob, it was that the man held a grudge and hated to see another get one up on him or screw up any of his well-laid plans.

Then there was the fact that he was now in a relationship with Ryan. They’ve been sexually involved for nearly four weeks now and all was going smoothly. Zack had even moved some of his stuff into Ryan’s apartment. Some of his friends thought it were too soon to do it, but it felt too right. Ryan was nothing like his twin.

If Rob finds out, he will not be the only target for his ex-lover’s wrath.

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Hot inspiration

Thought everyone could use a little eye candy to start the week off Drooling Bouncy Smiley

Today was my day to post over at Slash & Burn...wanna talk about fantasies?

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Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Hi everyone :) It's been a laid back day today. Just doing some playing over at LRC group with other Loose-Id authors. It's my birthday today, but since hubby is sick, I've had to stay home and take care of him. He owes me some shopping and a date out for ice cream later this week *lol*

Check out what my dear, dear friend Steph posted at our Worlds of Mayhem blog:
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Everyone have a great night!