Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Second Chances ~ Chapter 27

Sorry it's a bit late. I got totally absorbed with trying to finish the first draft of The Gift by the end of the weekend (still got a bit to go). I even forgot to post on Monday at Slash and Burn blog. *banging head on desk* But here's the next chapter. I'll try and not keep Ryan and Zack hanging like I did

Chapter 27

Ryan couldn’t believe this was happening. He leaned closer to Zack and fiercely returned the kiss like a man starving. His cock throbbed, filling with blood. He wanted Zack. Everything about the man aroused Ryan’s interest.

The clearing of a throat brought them both back to where they were. On a sidewalk in the middle of downtown. Neither was ashamed, they were openly gay men, but personally, PDA was usually kept to a minimum.

Zack’s cheeks flushed red and he looked away. Ryan chuckled, hooked his arm into Zack’s and dragged him toward his vehicle.

“Where are we going?” Zack asked once they were in the truck.

“Somewhere a bit more private to talk.” Ryan glanced over at Zack and saw that he was fidgeting. Ryan wanted to reach out and touch him, but he kept his hands on the wheel, not sure how he would react. He smiled. “It was a kiss, Zack. I’m not taking you somewhere to molest you. I just want to talk.”

Zack stared at me a minute before he relaxed and leaned more comfortably into the seat. “All right.”

Ryan reminded himself that it was just a kiss. He couldn’t…wouldn’t rush Zack. Rob had put him through hell. He wasn’t about to push him into doing something he wasn’t ready to do, no matter how attracted Ryan was to him.

Ryan drove toward the city limits. It didn’t take long since the town wasn’t very big. He turned left just past the city limit sign onto a small paved road. He drove until he saw the sign: Chaparral Park. This was a place that they could talk and not be overshadowed by the idea of a bed a room away. He hoped Zack would feel comfortable enough here. There would be plenty of room and if…a big if, they decided to try kissing again, then they wouldn’t be making a spectacle of themselves.

“I haven’t been here in years.”

“Me either.” Ryan wasn’t about to admit to taking his boyfriends here to make-out when he was in high school.

The parking lot was empty. Taking a spot closet to the nature trail, Ryan parked the car and turned off the engine. “Come on.” He got out of the truck and went to the nearest picnic table and sat on it. Zack followed, looking a bit nervous.

“So…” Zack spoke first. He was still standing, pivoting from foot to foot.
Ryan smiled. “Seriously, Zack. You’ve gotta calm down. I promise, I won’t jump your bones.”

Zack’s hands slipped into his pockets. His gaze fell to his feet. “What if I want you to?”


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...what was that about not leaving us hanging!? Thanks for updating.


Marty Rayne said...

lol, thanks Roberta. I'll try not to this week ;)