Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday cravings still bugging?

*whew* The rush is over, gifts opened, and dinners ate (giving us loads of extra yummy calories, right? *lol* ). However, you've still got the bug for some of that beautiful Christmas music or stories.

No worries. Samhain can help out. And it's free!!! All month long, Samhain Publishing has had free holiday stories. In fact, new ones are still coming out. Check them out here -
The stories are short and sweet (so to speak). Between 6-12 pages mostly. Just enough to indulge in that holiday craving.

So have fun. I know I'll actually get to read a few this weekend with the kiddies gone. :D

Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Christmas!!

May your day be blessed and filled with joy and love.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bedtime Fantasies cover

Check out this beautiful cover my friend Tuesday Dube made for me for my upcoming release: Bedtime Fantasies at Phaze.

I love it!!
This book is a re-release of my first published book titled, Trio of Tales: Erotically Ever After, that contains 3 fairy tales with an erotic twist.

If you'd like to see more work done by Tuesday, vister her website -
She does awesome work.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Are you ready for Christmas yet? I've got a few last gifts to get this weekend and a little bit of wrapping, then I'm done. *whew* Even got 42 Christmas cards out in the mail this year.
It's date night with hubby, so I'll be off enjoying some fun. Stay warm and safe.

12 Days of Christmas Funnies, concluded...

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Christmas funnies

Awww, my egg is getting all warm and cuddly. Don't for get to click on it to help it hatch. ;)
12 Days of Christmas funnies continued!
On the fifth day of Christmas...

On the sixth days of Christmas...

On the seventh day of Christmas...

On the eighth day of Christmas...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas funnies....

It's shorts weather here in FL and looking to stay that way through Christmas. Not unusual and at least it's not burning up.
Don't forget to click on my dragon egg over in the sidebar. Help me get it to hatch. :)

12 Days of Christmas fun --
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Another day closer...

It's Monday and only 10 days until Christmas. Where in the world has time gone?

Had a great weekend with family. Learned to drag a field (spread animal poop around) and prep a pig for cooking. Oh, and had some delicious fried rabbit. Remember, I do live in the south and have some real redneck relatives. ;)

My muse is busy on Dakota's story and still struggling with DR3 *sigh*. And piles of Christmas cards are surrounding me, begging to be finished and mail out. It's no wonder I took a couple of years off from them. But with the move recently, I figured it'd be best to update all the family and friends we don't see often.

I also updated Worlds of Mayhem and added more books that I'd read recently. Like Slave Boy by Evangeline Anderson and Eight Nights by Keira Andrews. I hope to add some more holiday themed ones as the month progresses.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Gift Worth Sharing is released!

Whoo Hoo! Kyle and Nate are back in action. Don't forget to add this hot, sexy book to your collection.
Available at Loose-Id -

Also, my newsletter members get a chance to win a copy today. Make sure you're a member to get the requirements.

Monday, December 08, 2008

No Ordinary Holiday is now available!

No Ordinary Holiday is now available for purchase at Phaze.
Round off the Unexpected Holiday series with this spicy addition.

Purchase link:

Also, for a chance to win this book today, make sure you're a member of my newsletter group.

Also, it was my day at Slash and Burn to blog, so I've place an excerpt from A Gift Worth Giving there.

And I posted on Worlds of Mayhem about Blue Ruin 2: Close To Me by Katrina Strauss.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Endless Romance Contest

I know I already made a post today, but I forgot to mention the Midnight Seduction's Endless Romance Contest.
An excerpt from Testing Passion (the print version available in Lascivious) has been entered.
To read the excerpt, go here
To vote, go here
Voting ends Dec. 8th, 11:59pm EST

Okay, go back to starting a great weekend. :D


How's the Christmas Shopping going?? Tonight, we'll nearly finish it up. *yay*
I'm just glad it's Friday. It's been a wierd and long week. I've gotten very little "actual" writing done, however, I've played with the plots of two potential stories. I've been stuck on Dragon Riders 3, and apparently this is a way for my brain to take a break and get past a block (hopefully).

Also, my youngest granddaughter turns 1 today!! Her party is tomorrow, so I'll be gone having fun with her. :) Now, if only one of my older boys will give me a grandson. 3 granddaughters and I suck at doing their hair. LOL I was raised with boys and only had boys. You so didn't want to see my Barbies' hair.

I posted over on Worlds of Mayhem about Raine by Elizabeth Amber. Take a minute and check it out.

Also, my December newsletter is out. If you're not a member, you can subscribe by using the yahoo button over in the sidebar. I'll be giving away a copy of each of my new releases next week to only those that get my newsletter.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Posted at Phaze blog

I posted some excerpts of my upcoming holiday release, No Ordinary Holiday over at the Phaze Blog --
Stop by and tell me your favorite holiday.

Also, I posted a new entry at Worlds of Mayhem about Ally Blue's Love's Evolution. :) Terriffic book. I'm hoping to get more posted there in the upcoming weeks as I've got plenty of books to post on.

I missed my day over at Slash-and-Burn. Still tending to my family and myself with these colds and strep throats. *sigh* Doing better, but I'd forgotten that it was Monday and my day.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I thought I'd be able to get back on schedule, but one child got sick last week and now my other child and myself are sick with strep throat. Needless, to say, I've barely been on and just when I was getting caught up and going on my writing again, I've stepped back. *sigh* Oh, and there's a freeze warning in FL tonight *roll eyes* The cold isn't helping.

I hope my readers are doing much better.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday, Monday

*sigh* The weekend has ended and another week has begun. I spent a lot of the day helping my sons get caught up on their schooling with some re-do assignments. That's the interesting thing about homeschooling...if they totally flubb up an assignment, there's usually the change to redo it as opposed to getting the first grade. It's not easy teaching these pre-teen boys to do things right the first time, then they wouldn't have to spend all this extra time doing it again.

Today was also my day to blog over at Slash and Burn blog. I posted a couple little excerpts from my upcoming Phaze release; No Ordinary Holiday.

I also posted a blog over at Worlds of Mayhem about Elizabeth Amber's Nicholas. A scorching read!

Swing by and take a glance at both places. It won't take long...those familiar with me know that I don't do long blog posts. Really, I'm not the greatest at this, but I try :)

I should be finished with my judging duties with the Eppies this week so I can update my website, blog, and put out a newsletter this weekend.

If you wish to be a writer, write.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Reluctant Hearts is a Recommended Read!

I'm so excited! *bouncing with giddiness*
FAR has given Dragon Riders 2: Reluctant Hearts 5 Angels and a Recommended Read!!!
I'll admit, this is my first RR and am overjoyed.

You can read the review here -

Yes, I've been MIA again. Still messing with judging and sucking at NaNo so far *sigh* But I'm trying here and there. I may not reach 50K, but I'm hoping to get most of DR3 finished...which still doesn't have a title. However, I'm hoping to remedy that by the end of the month too.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Normally in October, I spend a lot of time watching scary/horror movies wherever and whenever I can. Sadly, this year has been different. I've been busy with other things, not even decorating like I usually do, however, I've also noticed that I really didn't find many channels on tv playing these great classics (ie...Halloween, Friday the 13th, etc...). Not even Sci-Fi played them *sigh*
Was it just me? Or were these movies not emphasized like they were in the past? But then again, DVDs and computer downloads of these movies are much easier to access now, so perhaps that's what's taken the emphasis away from them usually showing it on normal cable.

I love the Scream movies, but my ultimate favorite scary movie is the original Nightmare on Elm Street (and up to #4 of the series).

What's your favorite scary movie??? (Sound familiar? ;) )

Edits are calling *sigh*. I'm hoping to get a newsletter up next week along with a contest :D

OH, and Phaze is have a sale for today only! Get 20% off your purchase of books. Just type in CANDYCORN during checkout and you'll recieve your discount.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thought I'd drop off some cute Halloween pictures floating around on the net.

Halloween Myspace Pictures

Halloween Myspace Pictures

And remember, don't eat too much candy come Halloween or you'll end up like this...

Halloween Myspace Pictures

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

25 Signs You've Grown Up

I've got my hands full with a few things this month, but I thought I'd do some Halloween things and some funnies while I'm busy. Also, I've got the cover for A Gift Worth Sharing that I'll post by the weekend! It's yummy :P
Also, check out Worlds of Mayhem here and there. I'll be posting new books that I've read in the coming week.


25 Signs You've Grown Up

1. Your houseplants are alive, and you can’t smoke any of them.

2. Having sex in a twin bed is out of the question

3. You keep more food than beer in the fridge.

4. 6:00 AM is when you get up, not when you go to bed.

5. You hear your favorite song in an elevator.

6. You watch the Weather Channel.

7. Your friends marry and divorce instead of “hook up” and “break up”.

8. You go from 130 days of vacation time to 14.

9. Jeans and a sweater no longer qualify as “dressed up”.

10. You’re the one calling the police because those %&@# kids next door won’t
turn down the stereo.

11. Older relatives feel comfortable telling sex jokes around you.

12. You don’t know what time Taco Bell closes anymore.

13. Your car insurance goes down and your car payments go up.

14. You feed your dog Science Diet instead of McDonald’s leftovers.

15. Sleeping on the couch makes your back hurt.

16. You take naps.

17. Dinner and a movie is the whole date instead of the beginning of one.

18. Eating a basket of chicken wings at 3 AM would severely upset, rather than
settle, your stomach.

19. You go to the drug store for ibuprofen and antacid, not condoms and
pregnancy tests.

20. A $4.00 bottle of wine is no longer “pretty good shit”.

21. You actually eat breakfast food at breakfast time.

22. “I just can’t drink the way I used to” replaces “I’m never going to drink that
much again”.

23. 90% of the time you spend in front of a computer is for real work.

24. You drink at home to save money before going to a bar.

25. When you find out your friend is pregnant you congratulate them instead of asking, “Oh shit, what the hell happened?”

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

ARE celebrating a birthday

*****Permission to repost or forward granted*****
It's our birthday and we're celebrating by giving you a present!
All Romance eBooks will be celebrating our second birthday on November 1, 2008 and we couldn't think of a better way to mark the occasion than by passing on the gift of an eBook to as many readers, publishers, and authors as possible.
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Help us spread the word to those that read eBooks and to anyone you think might like to try one. We have All the romance you need from all the publishers you love—and now we're giving it away!

Lori James and Barbara Perfetti All Romance eBooks
*one click buys and bundles excluded

Friday, October 03, 2008

More reviews for Reluctant Hearts

I've gotten a couple more reviews for Dragon Riders 2: Reluctant Hearts.

4 cups at Coffee Time Romance
"Ms. Rayne creates a wonderful story involving two phenomenal characters. Wrapped up in this fantastic world and characters was just what makes this story so great." ~ Krista

4.5 Ribbon at Romance Junkies
"DRAGON RIDERS 2: RELUCTANT HEARTS is a riveting book. Ms. Rayne has sharpened her pen well in the telling of this adventure." ~ ladybirdrobi

Night Owl Romance gave it a 4 out of 5

My net difficulties are just about over. I'm up to regular speed again, but I have to be very watchful as to what I download and do until my billing cycle resets me back to 0 and I start over again. *sigh* I guess I'll just have to get used to having this instead of unlimited net service.

Everyone have a great weekend.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Net troubles...

Well, it appears as if I've hit the threshold of my internet usage, which means I've been put on restriction and have an "ABUSE" *pfft* ticket on my account. *sigh* Needless to say, from what I'm told, I don't get all my usage skills back until the beginning of my billing cycle which is Oct. 10th. I can't even get on my website right now to do any updates *pulling out hair* or do much of anything. I'm surprised that I'm able to get on blogger.

Anyway, I really won't be around much lately doing many posts until after my usage has been reset (let's see if that happens because I've actually been told three different things). I've also switched to the highest package and found how to monitor it so it shouldn't happen again.

Anyone else had this problem with Satelite Internet? How long did it take for it to go back down? It's very frustrating as I've only had this a month and I'm used to unlimited net service.

I'm working on edits for my holiday stories coming out in December and plotting Dragon Riders 3 which I'll be writing for NaNo in November.

Oh, and went books shopping and got several books to read. Christine Feehan's Dark Curse is the one I'm reading now.

I still have email capabilities, so feel free to leave comments and I'll get them :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Giveaway Winners

Thank you to everyone who stopped by. I hope everyone had a great weekend.
Two names were drawn...drum roll...

Rebekah E.

*Whoo hoo* Congratulations! You each have a choice of one of my available e-books. My list is on the right sidebar or my website -

Just email me at with your choice of e-book.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Interesting observation

I know I can be slow at times, but it just seems lately that my slashy mind is seeing things I'd never really noticed before.

At the summer Olympics this year, the big news were the USA men's gymnastic team and swimming team. I knew that in basketball, football, and baseball, the guys love to pat each other on the butt. Apparently we saw more of that in the Olympics too.

However, today I've been watching all the specials and the last game ever to be played at their 85 year old stadium. *sob* So much history and they're knocking it down. *sigh* husband always thought it was strange that women had no problem sleeping together in a bed (remember slumber parties and sleeping over at your best friend's house growing up? The bed was much more comfortable than the floor). Being married for 14 years I know exactly in what condition men wake up *wink* so that makes them uncomforable sharing such a close sleeping area with another male (at least those that I know).

But watching all these historic reels, I see that men have no problem being "touchy, feely" during the game or celebrating a victory. When Larson pitched the first Perfect Game, Yogi Berra jumped on him.

When David Cone his Perfect Game (no hitter? excuse the incorrect phrasing for it), Joe Girgardi did the same. Very suggestive is it not?
Oh, and look where those hands are on David Wells when they were celebrating his No Hitter game.
Hmmm, you know, I'm finding some great reasons to watch sports more often. ;)
Now, I'm going back to finish my edits so I can work on other things that desperatly need my attention on Monday. Like drawing my winners :D

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Giveaway and Joke

Don't forget my giveaway I have going. I announced it on my September Newsletter. All you need to do is leave me a comment on any of my posts this week and you're entered. It ends Sunday night. I'll be picking the TWO winners on Monday.

I had to go to a funeral of a dear friend who passed away this week. She was only 49 years old and had been battling a brain tumor (cancer). She was a sweetheart and will be missed greatly *sniff* (There was standing room only at the church). So I thought I'd drop off this joke, cause I could really use a laugh.

A woman was in a coma. She had been in it for months. Nurses were in her room giving her a bed bath. One of them was washing her private area and noticed that there was a slight response on the monitor whenever she touched her there. They tried it again and sure enough, there was definite movement.

They went to her husband and explained what happened, telling him, 'As crazy as this sounds, maybe a little 'Oral sex' will do the trick & bring her out of the coma.' The husband was skeptical, but they assured him that they would close the curtains for privacy.

The husband finally agreed and went into his wife's room. After a few minutes the woman's monitor flat lined, no pulse, no heart rate. The nurses run back into the room. 'What happened!?' they cried.

The husband said, 'I'm not sure; maybe she choked.'


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lascivious is now on Amazon!

I was browsing Amazon and thought to search myself. *sounds nasty, huh? lol* Well, guess what I found...That's right. My print book, Lascivious is finally up and for sale on Amazon. I'm so excited! *doing a cartwheel - then crying out as my unlimber muscles protest - still worth the pain* :D

It's even on sale right now. So go on over and buy a copy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

4 Stars for Reluctant Hearts

Another review for Reluctant Hearts has come in
JERR gave it 4 stars!
"Ms. Rayne has done a wonderful job creating a whole new world and leading the reader on both an adventurous and emotional journey."~ TS Peters

The full review is in Just Erotic Romance Newsletter -

I'm happy readers are enjoying this story

Sunday, September 07, 2008

First review for Reluctant Hearts

I couldn't be more happy when I saw this review in my email yesterday. Just have to share it!!!

5 Stars from Ecataromance Sensual

"Decadent, scrumptious and wickedly delightful; Reluctant Hearts delivers a full dose of sinful enjoyment. " ~ Keely Skillman

The full review is here -

Oh, and Loose-Id authors are over at Love Romance Cafe today. Stop by and get some great excerpts from some terrific writers.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Still busy writing *sigh* but thought I'd stop by and leave an update.

I completed No Ordinary Holiday! Yes, I finally came up with a title that fit Devyn's story. I turned it in to Phaze so now we just have to see if it's accepted.

Half way done with A Gift Worth Sharing. I have until this weekend to complete it and send it off. This one is contracts (or being so once I recieve it) and should be out around Dec 2.

I'm taking the Plotting Bootcamp Class this month which I'm focusing on Dragon Riders 3 book. However, I won't actually get to writing that until November as I'm saving it for NaNo Month. That way, I'll have it all plotted out and just need to write it.

I'm also working on my Newsletter and should be out by the end of the weekend.

Once all of this is completed, I'm concentrating on edits and working on the query/synopsis of Who Says Three's A Crowd? to send to an Agent. Other than that, I'm letting my muse rest for a time.

Weather? Gustav just gave us some cloudy/rainy weather. Hannah...probably won't get much since I'm now more on the west side of the state. Then there's Ike and Josephine right behind her. Don't know where those are going yet, but it's been busy out in the Atlantic. I'm watching the weather at least twice a day.

Everyone have a great week and happy Hump Day!

Myspace Comments - Happy Hump Day

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hair pulling day

I'm having an emotionally rough day *sigh* Got this joke in the mail and thought I'd share.

CIA Job Interview

The CIA had an opening for an assassin...
After all the background checks, interviews and testing were done, there were 3 finalists; two men and a woman.

For the final test, the CIA agents took one of the men to a large metal door and handed him a gun.

'We must know that you will follow your instructions no matter what the circumstances. Inside the room you will find your wife sitting in a chair.. kill her!!

The man said, 'You can't be serious. I could never shoot my wife.'

The agent said, 'Then you're not the right man for this job. Take your wife and go home.'

The second man was given the same instructions.He took the gun and went into the room. All was quiet for about 5 minutes The man came out with tears in his eyes.'I tried, but I can't kill my wife.'

The agent said, 'You don' have what it takes. Take your wife home.'

Then it was the woman's turn...She was given the same instructions, to kill her husband. She took the gun and went into the room. Shots were heard, one after another. They heard screaming, crashing, banging on the walls. After a few minutes, all was quiet. The door opened slowly and there stood the woman, wiping the sweat from her brow.

'This gun is loaded with blanks,' she said. 'I had to beat him to death with the chair.'

MORAL: Women are crazy. Don't mess with them!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Busy writing

Okay, anyone who's been around for a bit knows that I'm not the most consistant blogger, no matter how hard I try. And I know I've been even worse this month...though I do have good excuses :)

However, at this moment, I have 4 days to complete two holiday stories. One is for a Phaze submission for the Oh,Oh,Oh Heatsheet line if accepted. This will be the last book of the related Trilogy that started with At The Edge and then enWrappture. Big title yet *banging head on table*. But this revolves around Devyn who we meet in enWrappture. She's Mason's sister and has some interesting psychic powers. Only when Jacob and Cameron show up at her door, her gift flees, giving her blessed silence and an overwhelming to not one, but two men.

The second is a follow up on Nate and Kyle from A Master's Love at Loose-Id. This one has been accepted and is looking for a Dec. 2nd release *eek* It's titled: A Gift Worth Sharing. Nate has a special gift planned for Kyle when they go away on a weekend trip. But will memories from Kyle's past destroy their time together?

And now that I'm homeschooling my kids (doing virtual school), I'm having to spend the mornings helping them and only have the afternoons and late, late nights to work. I know I never got my newsletter out *sigh* And I've got 4 books to write on and post on Worlds of Mayhem. But that's going to have to wait until after my deadlines.

So I'm off to keep pounding away at the keyboard.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lucked out

I thought I'd take a break from tapping away at the keyboard to let everyone know that Fay shifted and we've only received rain and some nice cool weather. However, the bad part is that it has settled over the area I'd just moved from. Some parts of the county received 25 inches and probably more by now. Not a good thing as it's making many of the sewers systems back up and mix with the water that has no where to go. Even my DH's former place of employment (very glad of his promotion right about now) is being evacuated which is a big thing as they are having to move nearly 2,000 people. *sigh* What a headache.

So I'm keeping all our friends in our prayers and hoping they all stay safe.

Then, if the damn thing ever starts moving again, it's supposed to go BACK across FL and straight through the county where my mother, my sons and their families live. Let's hope it doesn't linger like it has now over Brevard Co.

Anyway, got a little good news. My proposal for a holiday story titled - A Gift Worth Sharing was accepted at Loose-Id. It centers around Nate and Kyle from A Master's Love with a possible release of Dec 2nd.

Also working on a third installment for my other publisher that will wind up what I started with At The Edge and enWrappture.

So I know I won't be online too much as they are both due at the end of this month *eek*

Floridians, stay safe and dry. Everyone else, have a great weekend coming up :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fay's a-coming

Not much going on. Trying to get those last little details done with the move and get the boys started with their virtual school...and trying to write.

Just a note...Fay is supposed to be going right through where I live tomorrow afternoon. I don't know how this satelite internet and the electricity will hold out. They are predicting it to stay a Tropical Storm but us getting about 50 mph winds. I'll let you know how thing fare.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Reluctant Hearts is now available!

My cruise was just what I needed. Now, I just need to get back into a routine :)

The second book to my Dragon Riders series has been released today. *whee!*
Reluctant Hearts

ISBN: 978-1-59632-743-6
Genre: Fantasy Shape-Shifter
Cover Artist: Christine M. Griffin
Price: $5.99

A six hundred and fifty-seven year old dragon, Bane is done with the Grand Council. Tired of the endless cycle of assignments and losing Riders. He craves to live out the rest of his life in quiet solitude. The last thing he needs or wants is another Rider.

Dragons fascinate Sianna Richter. She’s curious about their secluded natures, brute strength, unique looks, and graceful movements. Dragons often invade her dreams, beckoning her inner soul. Only she is a descendant of Elder blood, aristocratic blood that has never bonded with a dragon…

Until now.

One touch is all it takes to ignite their passion, but will Bane form the bond between these two reluctant hearts?

My newsletter will be coming out this week containing an excerpt and a chance to receive a free copy of this book. Keep an eye out.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

One day of catch up then off again

Well, we've moved into our new home, got our satelite and internet connected. I'm nearly done unpacking. Only have a couple of minor boxes that contains nicnaks and pictures to hang on the walls. We're getting settled in and I've got the kids signed up for a virtual home school. Should be interesting.

However, we're off again tomorrow as my family is going on a Disney cruise. We'll be back sometime Sunday. It's a vacation that's well deserved for us all :)

But I do have a couple bits of news.

My cover for A Master's Love is part of August's Best Cover contest over at The Romance Bistro After Dark. Stop by and vote :D
To see the entries:
To vote:

Also remember that Dragon Riders 2: Reluctant Hearts is being released Aug. 12th. I'll have my cover up when I return from my cruise. I've seen the sample and liked it :P

Have a great week and weekend. See you next week and I'll get back onto schedule with my posting.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Checking in....

Well, I'm still alive and kicking. We've gotten a few things moved into our new house already. There are things I like and dislike about the house. I do have to say that it helps with the unpacking as it's very similar to where I'm moving from. I can easily put most stuff back in the same place as it was :)

The movers are coming tomorrow. We'll pack their truck as much as possible and then my car. All other stuff (I'm sure it will be stuff like chemicals, lawnmower, etc...) we'll come back Sunday or Monday to finish getting as I've still got to vacumn and shampoo the carpets. I have my own machines so it's no trouble and since my new house is completely tile, I'll have no need for them and will end up in storage.

As for my net situation...*sigh* I've got an appointment to have Wild Blue satelite installed on Saturday. That is, if I get the equipment in time. If not, I may have to wait until AFTER our cruise next weekend as they only install them on Sat or Sun. *grrr*
Cross your fingers, send us some prayers, or good mojo that all goes well the rest of this week. I'm really ready for this to be over. Our new house has some really good writing areas for me I'm hoping to complete a lot of stuff this last part of the year.

Everyone have a great week. I'll check in again when I can.

Oh! Don't forget my Dragon Riders 2: Reluctant Hearts coming out around Aug 12th!!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008


We start our move tomorrow :) But that's not what has me annoyed. Apparently we are moving someplace that doesn't have hi-speed. Even companies that say that they are available virtually everywhere don't have it in that area *sigh* I'm working on a solution, but it's not a cheap one *grr* So it may be a bit before I blog as I'll be busy packing/unpacking and then I have my lovely cruise that I'll need desperately.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm moving

I thought I'd drop a note to those who visit me to explain the many absences I'll have this month. My wonderful husband got a promotion so we are moving. It's only 80 miles from where we are now, but there's lots of packing to do, arrangements to be made, and then still deal with getting my children going in school next month (still debating to homeschool this year). I don't know how regular I'll be with posting, but I'll try to check in here and there.

Also, the beginning of Aug, my family will be off on a Disney cruise *whoo hoo* My children will spend their birthday in the Bahamas. How cool is that? I know we are going to have a blast. This isn't my first cruise, but it is my children's first one. :)

Oh, and my muse has decided to take a vacation as I'm busy with edits for Dragon Riders 2: Reluctant Hearts which is set for release Aug 12th!!!
So between that, moving, oh, and let's not forget that I'm coordinating not one, but three Excerpt Books for MFRW group.

I'll pick up again after my cruise.

And one last bit of news. Phaze is offering a contract for Trio of Tales: Bedtime Fantasies!! (It was previously put out with a different publisher titled- Trio of Tales: Erotically Ever After) It's looking at a January release. I've done some work on it and have decided to make it a Trilogy. This will be the first. The other two will be BDSM themed and Menage themed. Each with three classic tales revised. ;) We'll see how my muse reacts.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Another winner from my guest blogger day

First of all, let me say thanks to Devyn Quinn for coming by and spending the day here. I enjoyed learning about her as much as everyone else. And let me say, she's definately on my "gotta buy" list :-)

Second, congrats to Cherie J. *doing happy dance* Enjoy your book.

And third, but not last, I've chosen a winner to receive one of my available e-books. Winner's choice. And the winner is...


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Winner of Devyn Quinn title is:

Thanks to random numbers, the winnder of the July 8th blogstop book is poster Cherie J. Cherie, please contact me at with your mailing addy and the title you wish to have: Sins of the Flesh, Sins of the Night, Trio or Eros Island.

Thanks everyone for coming. Be sure and check my website at for the next stop on the tour. Come on by and see some of the pets I keep and read a quick excerpt from Personal Possessions, my March 09 release.

Thanks, again, to Marty Rayne for hosting me on her blog. :)

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Please welcome today's guest blogger, Devyn Quinn

Hello Devyn and welcome to Erotic Times. Thank you for being my guest blogger today. I’m looking forward to this fun day.

Devyn: Thanks for having me, Marty. It’s a pleasure. J

Marty: When did you start writing? What made you try to become published?

Devyn: I started writing when I was about 12 or 13 years old, after devouring all the Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Cherry Ames and Vickie Barr books that had ever been published at the time. I just knew I was meant to be a writer and I wanted to create worlds and characters that entertained and thrilled readers. Unfortunately, my parents weren’t happy with the idea and discouraged it. I put the idea away until my early 20’s, when I began to rework some ideas I’d had for a gothic series. It took another ten or so years to get published, though. Writing is something that always got put aside in my life. I’ve always had to come back and give it one more shot, though. Like a virus, I just can’t seem to get it out of my system.

Marty: You debuted with Kensington Books in March of 2007 with your book Flesh and the Devil. Was this the first time you’d been published? If not, what was your first book published?

Devyn: Flesh and the Devil was my first NY book, but it wasn’t my first published book. My actual first published book was released in 1995 through NPI, and sank like a stone when the publisher filed bankruptcy. In the interim, I began to learn about e-publishing, which was still an innovative idea in the early 90’s. Through the years, I have signed (and still am published) with several e-publishers. Flesh and the Devil was actually a short novella when I subbed to NY hoping to make a sale. The editor liked the title, but wanted a different concept. So I tossed out everything and rewrote from page 1, turning a novella into a novel as my first Kensington release.

Marty: I love how you use the tag of goth-erotic romance. Just saying it aloud sends a shiver up my spine. What is it that draws you to create these dark works of fiction?

Devyn: Even on the brightest day, when there is nary a shadow in sight, I see the darkest of things lurking in the background. I have a natural inclination to be drawn the occult and the supernatural. It’s the world I know best, so I have the desire to share it with readers.

Marty: Many authors have a “must-have” drink, food, music, or even pictures or items near them when they sit down to work. I personally work better with a Mountain Dew sitting next to me. J Do you have a “must-have”?

Devyn: My biggest thing is music. I have to have some kind playing in the background, something that speaks to the mood of the scene I am writing. I have everything from dark and dangerous (A Bach fugue) to modern bubblegum pop (Britney Spears) and even rap. And I must have my Red Bull or ice coffee within reach. Once I have those two things, I am good to go.

Marty: You’ll probably be asked this lots of times on your virtual tour, but who is your favorite character you’ve created? Is he or she modeled after a real person?

Devyn: My favorite character, hands down, is Morgan Satin-Evanston from my Eternity series. He’s a bipolar, alcoholic assassin with suicidal tendencies. Oh, yeah, he’s also the Grim Reaper, LOL. Is he modeled after a real person? Yes, and no. Morgan’s what I call my “Dirty Harry” side, my alter ego—that dark half of my mind where I’m allowed to run amok, think and do rotten things without finding myself in handcuffs heading toward prison. I like Morgan so much that I managed to stick him into Sins of the Night as a cameo character. Since he’s usually so serious in his own series, I decided to let him cut loose and have some fun.

Marty: Titles are always a challenge for me. Most of my WIPs go without a title until the very end. On your website you’ve got a list of stories that you “might write someday” and they all have titles. Do titles come with the plot ideas? How often have you had to change a title?

Devyn: Those are subject to change without notice. The titles are mostly my way of keeping them catalogued in my head. Should an editor send out a call for a certain genre, I can whip through my titles and see if I have something that might fit. That’s how I sold several novellas to Kensington. I had the titles and concepts in mind and was ready to submit the synopsis I have prepared. Many got to keep the titles I subbed them with, such as “Thunderstruck” in the Eros Island Anthology, and “Personal Possessions” in the forthcoming Dangerous Ties anthology (April ’09). Others changed as my editor had a better idea, such as “No Strings Attached” in the Trio anthology. It was originally titled “Indecent Exposure”.

Marty: You have a couple of ménage a trois stories available. Two men to one female. Have you ever thought about venturing into some male on male action in your books?

Devyn: I actually do male/male in my Kynn books, Sins of the Flesh and Sins of the Night. It’s also in Embracing Midnight, my forthcoming release in late Nov. And ‘No Strings Attached” in the Trio anthology also has male/male action, as one of the male characters is bisexual.

Interviewer's note: I just completed No Strings Attached was hot! I do believe Ms. Quinn has hooked me with her writing. :-P

Marty: You’ve received a number of recommended reads and awards. Is there one that delighted you the most or made you the most proud?

Devyn: I’m always stunned when I get one, so it’s hard to pick which one made me cry most, as they all make me cry. I’m also so grateful a reader or reviewer liked my book enough to give it special notice or an award.

Marty: What do you do to relax or have fun?

Devyn: My biggest thing is watching movies. I don’t own a television, as I find they distract from what I should be doing—writing. I do own a DVD player and I like to stretch out on the bed with a glass of wine late at night and watch a good movie or my favorite TV series, like Lost or Dexter. Sometimes I’ll just take a few days and watch a whole season’s worth of shows. My second biggest guilty pleasure is my magazines. I am a Cosmo ho, and have to have my monthly dose. I also love my Entertainment Weekly and Writer’s Digest. I make it point to ready daily, too, if only a few pages.

Marty: What’s your favorite place? (city, state, park?)

Devyn: My favorite place is right at home, parked in front of the computer and doing what I do best. Working on a new book. I’m not much of a traveler and with gas prices so high, I’m getting out less and less. It’s one of the reasons I decided to do a virtual book tour rather than try and drive to all the surrounding bookstores.

Marty: Where can readers find more about you and your books?

Devyn: Everyone can hop on over to and take a look. I tried to design my site to be user friendly, but if anyone has problems they can email me at and let me know if they have an issue.

Monday, July 07, 2008

My First Guest Blogger Tomorrow

I'm so excited. The wonderfully talented Devyn Quinn is taking over my blog tomorrow.

I'll have an interview I did with her posted tomorrow, along with a post over at Worlds of Mayhem about Ms. Quinn's story 'No Strings Attached' in the anthology titled Trio.

And let's not forget prizes. Ms. Quinn is giving away a book to one lucky visitor while I'll be picking a name also to giveaway one of my e-books.

I'll see you tomorrow :-)

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

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I hope everyone stays safe on this wonderful holiday (for those in the US). I'm just spending the day with the family and chilling in the sun :-)

My July newsletter was sent out. Check it out for news and happenings this month... including my first guest blogger - Devyn Quinn on Tuesday July 8th.

Phaze is having a one day sale...only good for the 4th

Receive 20% off your order at Phaze. Just use the code: FIREWORKS08

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Book-A-Day Giveaway today!

My print book, Lascivious, is part of The Romance Studio's Book-A-Day Giveaway today. (it says e-book, but it's a print book) Take a moment and enter.
You also have a chance to winning the other books too :-)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Second Chances ~ Epilogue

This is a day late. I sort of passed out after my son and his family left last night. Who knew a 6 month old and a 2 year old could be so draining. I don't remember my twins or even when I had all 4 boys together being this tiring. But I loved playing Nana :) Anyway, I went to post earlier today and ... the chapter was gone. As was the post for Worlds of Mayhem blog, and the last chapter I'd written for a WIP. :-o No where to be found on my computer. Not even in the garbage can. That too had been wiped. I'm thinking someone got on, something went wrong and they thought they were doing me a favor by cleaning things up. WRONG!
So I had to spend the afternoon re-writing. This isn't exactly what I had planned, but I couldn't remember everything I'd done before *sigh* So here's the end of Second Chances.

Six months later…

Zack stood in the middle of the empty living room, his fingers twitching nervously. Not knowing what else to do with them, he stuffed them in his pocket.

“This is going to be great,” he said to…no one. Zack took a deep breath. He was really doing this. The journey had been long and hard, but Dr. Parker was a miracle worker. She knew exactly how to handle him and his situation.

“Zack?” Ryan stepped through the open front door. He looked around and Zack watched his reaction closely. “Your message said to meet you here at six. What’s going on?” He looked around “Whose place is this?”

Zack swallowed hard. He wasn’t the only one who’d gone through hard times the last six months. Ryan too had his own demons to conquer. It took him two months before he’d go see Dr. Parker. Neither was cured and completely over what had happened, but they were both on the road to recovery. Together.

“Did you have a hard time finding it?” Zack went to the fireplace and touched the mantle.

Ryan cocked his head slightly. “No.” Zack was sure he would burst into flames from the intense gaze.

“There are two bedrooms down the hall. A spacious kitchen and an adorable back yard.” Okay, he was blabbering now. He couldn’t help it. This shouldn’t be hard, but he was finding it almost as difficult as kissing Ryan for the first time.

It wasn’t as if he and Ryan hadn’t lived together before. It’s just that since that night with Rob…well, Ryan stayed at his father’s house and Zack had moved in, once more with Charlie and Maria.

There was a time of touch and go. Both he and Rob were stuck in their own traumatic mental worlds, their relationship crumbled. Barely on speaking terms. Both grieving their own losses and in their own way.

Just when Zack was sure he would never be the same again, never rid himself of the chill that took up residence in his chest, Ryan called. That was three months ago, and they were back on track.

“What’s this all about? You’re starting to worry me.”

Zack let out a long sigh. “Just tell me if you like it.” He almost snapped, but held his patience. Something that he found hard to do at times, but was working on. He watched Ryan’s brows crease, but he started looking around. He even wandered down the hall, looking out the windows.

Ryan nodded. “Yeah. It’s a nice place. Now will you tell me why we are here?”

For a cop, Ryan could be dense sometimes. “I thought I’d let you see your new residence. Our home, that is.” Ryan stopped and stared. “I mean, if you’re ready. I know we talked about it a couple of weeks ago of trying to live with each other again, and well, I saw this and I thought it was…” His voice faded. Heart stopped. Oxygen struggled.

Silence. Zack had come to hate silence. Even when he painted he now had to have background noise or he heard the gunshot over and over. It was fading, but it would take more time.

“You and me live here?”

Zack nodded, afraid to speak further. Waiting.

Slowly, a smile lifted the corners of Ryan’s lips. “Home.” He turned in a circle. He nodded. “Yes. Yes.” He stopped and met Zack’s waiting gaze. “Yes. Our home.”

Relief catapulted through Zack. Most of his fears being laid to rest. Tears gathered in his eyes.

In the next breath, Ryan was there, wrapping his arms around him, and pulling him close. “I love you, Zack. I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but you’ve been the best thing that has come into my life.”

Insecure doubt tried to creep in, but Zack pushed it away. Yes, Ryan had had another love in his life before they met. And Zack thought Rob had been his love. Fate had other plans for them.

“I’ve never felt as complete as when we are together, Ryan. I love you. I feel like we’ve been given a second chance at life and love.”

Ryan grazed his lips over Zack’s. “Perhaps, but I do know that I want to fall asleep with you in my arms and wake up to your beautiful mug every day for the rest of my life.”

Zack sucked in the scent of Ryan, body and mind aroused. “That’s doable. I think we should start right now.”

“Definitely.” Ryan agreed.

They kissed, hands roaming, cocks hardening, and lives mending.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Second Chances ~ Part 42

Son, daughter-in-law, and my 2 granddaughters (6 months and 2 yrs) are visitin. :D So if I don't get the epilogue up tomorrow, I'll do it on Monday. Everyone have a great weekend. I know I'm going to enjoy my babies as much as possible.

Part 42

Ryan jerked the cover up and quickly positioned himself so he could see inside the box, yet out of direct fire. His gun’s sight found its target.


“Shoulda known you’d play the hero, bro,” Rob sneered.

“Are you all right, Zack?” He couldn’t see higher than his lover’s waist.

“Peachy.” His voice strained.

Ryan’s heart swelled with pride. Zack was being brave, but how would this episode affect his mental progress of getting past what Rob had done to him previously?

“Mind if I drop in?”

“Of course I mind. You are interrupting an intimate moment between Zack and I.” Rob shifted his position and Ryan could see that the waist of Zack’s pants were undone and his shirt was pushed up. Still Ryan couldn’t see his head.

“Too bad. This can only happen two ways. I come down and we try to figure this out.” He paused and swallowed. “Or I shoot you here and now.”

Rob snorted as if unconcerned. “I dare ya.”

Shit. Ryan’s pulse raced and sweat slipped down his face. His finger tightened on the trigger, but he couldn’t do it. Not like this.

“Fuck me running.”

Rob laughed. “No guts. I knew you didn’t have it in you.”

Ryan ignored him. “Coming down.” He holstered his gun and slowly lowered his body into the elevator, hoping like hell Rob wouldn’t take a cheap shot. Luck was on his side.

He moved to the opposite corner of where Rob and Zack crouched. Relief flooded him as he saw that Zack wasn’t visibly harmed. Tears streaked his cheeks and fear swamped his eyes. Anger surged.

Rob stopped Ryan’s movement when he went to reach for his gun again. “Don’t do it.” The gun now pointed at him. Ryan lifted his hands, palms out.

“You’ve really dug yourself a deep hole, Rob.”

A variety of emotions slipped across his features. “It’s not my fault.”

Ryan sighed. “It’s never your fault.”

“Don’t pity me. Never! Do you understand?”

Ryan ground his teeth. Don’t get him mad, he reminded himself.

“You’ve never understood.” Rob shook his head and winced. “You had it all.”

“We’re twins. We had the same stuff.”

“No, you’re wrong. You’re the favorite. The good one. Never does anything wrong.”

I bit back another sigh. It’s the same old story. After all these years, he’s dragging up all this old garbage. It was a bunch of bullshit and he knew it. He just never accepted responsibility for his wrong-doing. It seems as if he never would.

“Listen. Let’s just finish this ride and get off on the next floor. I’m sure Dad will find a way to help.” Ryan suggested.

Rob jumped up, finally releasing his hold on Zack, and slapped the elevator wall. “Don’t you get it? There’s nothing anyone can do to help. And there’s no leaving this elevator. At least in the same condition as when we entered.”

Crap. Rob intended to take his life…and ours. That’s the only way out of this mess. Dying, he wouldn’t have to face a judge or jury. And he planned on taking Zack with him, to keep him from being with me.

“I can’t let you do this.”

Rob adjusted the barrel of the gun so it was aimed at Ryan’s head. “You don’t have a choice.”

Ryan tensed, expecting the explosion of gunfire, his muscles readying to surge forward, when Rob grunted and went down.


He’d kicked the back of Rob’s knees bringing him down. Luckily, Rob hadn’t fired…yet.

Ryan moved to intercept, but Rob and Zack were wrestling. Limbs entwined as they fought to overpower the other. He pulled his gun. If he could wound Rob, that would stop or at least slow him down. However, there wasn’t a shot. He couldn’t risk hurting Zack also.

A gunshot went off, temporarily deafening Ryan. The two men on the floor went slack. Panic caused Ryan’s lungs to constrict and bile rose in his throat. He couldn’t breath. Blood began to pool on the floor. Who was hit? Zack or Rob?

“Zack?” He stepped closer, his attention on Rob.

“Ryan.” It was said like a sigh, tinged with grief and fatigue.

Moving to kneel next to Zack, Ryan could now see that it was Rob who was bleeding. “You okay?” He ran his hands over Zack’s body, looking for wounds.

“Jesus. I don’t think I’ll ever be okay.” Zack groaned, but moved to sit up.

Ryan quickly brushed the gun from Rob’s hand before stripping off his shirt. He rolled Rob onto his back and pressed the shirt to the gunshot wound. Rob winced, opened his eyes slightly. His breath was choppy and raspy.


“Don’t talk,” he told his brother. “Zack, get the elevator going,” he demanded. “Now!” He screamed when his lover hesitated. It didn’t matter that Rob had tried to kill him or Zack. This was his brother. His twin.

“Loved him.” Ryan sputtered, blood now leaking from the corner of his mouth.

“I know. I know.” Tears were blurring his vision. Damn, it couldn’t end like this. Rob needed to be punished for his wrong doings. He needed help. But he didn’t deserve to be taken. Not yet. That’s when Ryan realized he still had hope that there was good inside his brother. Deep inside, but perhaps it could have been motivated to emerge.

“Take care…Zack.”

The elevator doors slid open and a team of security guards, a couple of detectives, and the sheriff were waiting. Weapons drawn.
”Get a doctor. Hurry.” Ryan looked down at Rob. His eyes had closed and his breath slowed. “Please.” A tear fell on Rob’s cheek. He didn’t flinch. Only drew in his last breath.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Second Chances ~ Part 41

I meant to have this posted earlier, but...well, life is unpredictable. I've had company come and go all week and still more this weekend *sigh* But I'll post this part, another tomorrow, then the very ending on Sunday (Monday the latest if my granddaughters don't leave me with enough energy - lol)

Part 41

This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening. Zack chanted the words over and over. He even closed his eyes, counted to five, but he was still in the elevator, alarm shrilling, and Rob crouching next to him. Silently he screamed out to Ryan.

Zack hated himself for flinching when Rob reached out and touched his hair. Hated how his body trembled and fear clouded his vision and judgment. He’d sworn to never again be scared of Rob. To let this fright take over and rule his actions. Only he found it was easier said than done.

“You were stupid to think you could escape me.” Rob leaned in, his mouth just inches from Zack’s ear. “You were mine since the first night we met. I swore to always have you.”

Zack swallowed the lump of fear clogging his throat. “You don’t own me, Rob. You had me and abused me. Now it’s time to let go and pay for your actions.” Jesus, where had that come from? He was scared as shit, yet those words that had been on his tongue since Rob almost killed him finally came to life.

Rob’s fingers curled cruelly in Zack’s hair and gave it a yank so he whimpered with pain. He smiled wickedly and Zack saw an evil gleam in his ex-lover’s eyes.

“Grown a set of balls, huh? Guess you had to in order to be with my brother,” he sneered with disgust. “It’s alright. You’ll be eating those balls soon enough and back to being my pussy.” Rob licked the side of Zack’s face while nearly jerking the clump of hair from his head.

As soon as the elevator doors shut, Ryan raced down the hall. “Shit,” he cursed when he pressed the up button and the door didn’t open. He took a step back. Rage, fear, and guilt swept through him. The light for the next floor lit.

“What’s above us? What units?” he demanded of a security guard that was nearby.

“Surgical ICA. Maturnity Ward. Cardiac Stepdown Unit.” The guard rambled off several more units. None sounded as if they were good hiding places for Rob.

The light lit the next floor. The roof?

“Can he get to the roof from the top floor?” He didn’t take his eye from the lighted number.

“Yeah. Using the stairs.”

The light vanished and he waited for the next to light before he made a run for the stairwell. And he waited. Distantly and muffled, he could hear the ringing of an alarm.

“What happened?” Now there were several security guards around him and another cop from the force. Charlie was nowhere to be seen.

“Looks like he stopped the car.” The security guard farthest from Ryan answered.

“Can we manually override it?” Damn. All sorts of scenarios flashed in his mind. Was Zack all right? What was Rob doing to him? His brother’s eyes were wide and wild looking. He was out of his sane mind, but then, it was easy to incite Rob.

The guard next to him shook his head. “Not easily. It will take time. These things are old. The upgrade was supposed to happen later this year.”

“Damn.” Ryan’s eyes closed, his mind going a hundred miles a minute. Think. He’d been a cop in a big city. What had he learned? “Surely there’s a hatch at the top, right?”

This time Ryan looked at the guy’s nametag. Dewler. He nodded.

“All right. I need some to open the doors with and a rope. We don’t have time.” He started for the stairs. He had to pass by Maria’s room. The door was closed. Heard nothing. Was she all right? He wanted so badly to stop and look in, but Zack’s life could possibly be at stake. So he kept walking.

It took twenty minutes, but Ryan was repelling down the elevator shaft. Image after horrific image of what Rob was doing to Zack flashed in his mind. He couldn’t stop them. Though he and his brother haven’t been close since they were small, he knew exactly what Rob was capable. He’d been the target of his anger to many times. And each time he blamed it on something or someone else. All to protect Rob. And look where that got him…and Zack.

Careful not to alert Rob of his presence, Ryan stepped lightly onto the top of the elevator. The maintenance man had tried his best to fill him in on what he’d encounter. It was an old piece of machinery so he was careful of the ropes, wires, and cables. Last thing he wanted to do was plunge down seven stories on top of this deathtrap. He pulled the flashlight from his belt and turned it on, finding the hatch easily. Bending down, he placed his ear to it.

Nothing. The shaft rumbled too loudly of the machinery though the alarm had been shut off.

Ryan’s heart raced. His stomach clenched. Had he taken too long? What if Rob had already killed Zack and then himself? Ryan wouldn’t put it past his twin to gain whatever he desired. Fucking bastard.
He took a deep breath to calm his nerves. He needed steady hands and his mind in the right place for this. With his hand on the handle of the cover, Ryan glanced up to see several darkened figures in the elevator doorway. Watching. Waiting. It’s now or never.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fallen Angels receives 5 Stars from Rainbow Reviews!

What a wonderful thing to wake up to today!!! I could use a few more like this :D

"From the moment I started reading Fallen Angels I could not put it down." ~ Emily

The entire review -

Also, I've decided to write a story for Harlequin's Spice Briefs. A m/f/m menage a trois. Here's my inspiration for my character Richard

*drool* I'm not so much into grunge, but this is really inspiring my muse so I won't stop it ;)

Allow time. There is still much to do and understand.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Giveaway Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaways. It's been a good day too (besides this storm we are having now).

My chat at The_Sierra_Club went great. Had fun chatting with all those who stopped by.
But I know why you are here. You are wanting to know who won, right?

Well, another congrats to Caffey for being my giveaway winner at my chat *woot*

Let's see the winner for:

CHANCE ONE -- for a copy of Fallen Angels
Tami Cullen

CHANCE TWO -- for a $15 Loose-Id gift certificate
I'm going to splurge on this one. I had only two people send the answers and didn't want to choose between them, so they are both winners and will each get a gift certificate
Robin Johnson
Mindy (birdsooong)

CHANCE THREE -- for my print book, Lascivious
The winner had to be a member of my newsletter group and that is...

Thanks again for your interest and participation.
Now, it's time to get back to work and get more books written :)

Everyone have a great weekend!

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News, Giveaway, and Chat

I know it's been a while since I've posted. I've been in and out of town as my family has decided upon doing some small impromptu mini vacations. They've been great, but tiring. It's been nice to get out of the house, yet again, I'm behind on EVERYTHING! Including housework *ugh* So I've been slack on posting on the blog.

Those of you reading Second Chances will be happy to know that it will be completed and posted next week. Yes, you heard me right. Thanks to all those who've stayed with me *sigh* It turned out longer and bigger than I anticipated. Oh, and let's not mention that I've rewritte the ending about three times :s

Okay, as you all know, Fallen Angels and Lascivious are both available. Make sure you check them out. :)

I have a chat tomorrow at The_Sierra_Club (Sierra Dafoe's group) from 10-2 EST since I'm her June Featured Author. Stop by and say hi. I'll be doing a giveaway during that time.

Speaking of giving away things, I have one going on. The winners will be posted during my chat tomorrow. Details below...

You’ll have not one, but three chances to win.
(Please read each opportunity carefully)

– One name will be drawn from those who send the correct answer
Prize: A copy of my latest M/M e-book, Fallen Angels

Answer this question from Dragon Riders 1: Bonded Hearts - Where was Nick originally from?
Answer can be found in the excerpt on my website (click the Read It link on the Book List page)

CHANCE TWO – One name will be drawn from those who send the correct answer
Prize: A $15 gift certificate from Loose-Id

This is for those who have already purchased Fallen Angels. (Thanks a lot by the way)
Send me a list of the other members of the Fallen Angels.
(Hint: Chapter 23 has the answer. There are 6 others besides Mammon and Adam)

CHANCE THREE- One member’s name will be drawn
Prize: A copy of my first print book, Lascivious

This prize will be given to a member of my newsletter group. So make sure you’re a member before Saturday, June 21st.

Send entries for Chance one and two to (marty AT martyrayne DOT com)
Deadline is June 21st, 1pm EST

All winners will be announced during my chat at The Sierra Club, Saturday, June 21st, 10-2 EST
Stop by and say Hi! You’ll receive another chance to win a book!

Have a great weekend and see you tomorrow!

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Blog on summer men

Today was my day to blog over at Slash and Burn blog.
Go see some yummy pictures.

With the good we become good. ~Dutch proverb
(Join with those you admire)

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lascivious is now available!!!!

My first print book is now available for purchase at Phaze!
I'm so excited. And it won't break the bank :-) Only $11
Order yours today!

Two Phaze favorites in one bound volume!

Journey to the Dark Side: Serial killer Dante is targeting submissive males who frequent a fetish club, The Dark Side. Detective Monica Street is determined to end the killer's reign on the community and needs help. Enter sexy FBI Agent Jared Keller, who has the looks and ability Monica is looking for.
And what's the best way to catch this killer? Draw him out by playing in the world of domination and submission. Only alpha-male Jared gets more than he bargains for as he’s engulfed by Mistress Monica, whippings, and the trappings of a psychotic serial killer.

Testing Passion: Janet O'Neal enjoys her part-time job with Pandora's Box. She sets her own schedule, it's never boring, and at times, very exhilarating. Yes, being a sex toy tester can be stimulating. But when her boyfriend dumps her, Janet hates the limitations that are forced upon the way she performs her job.
Damien Richards seeks out his best tester. With a deadline looming, there is no one he trusts more than Janet and her studious testing skills. Of course, he has another motive when he knocks on Janet's door asking for her help. Being the owner of Pandora's Box, he's frightened that he's losing his best employee, the woman who has him intrigued and fascinated by the passion filling her reports. Can Damien talk Janet into spending a weekend with him working, testing passion, along with the toys? Will Janet welcome the stranger into her most secret fantasies?

Be resolved and the thing is done. ~ Chinese Proverb (Make a commitment and follow it through)

Saturday, June 07, 2008

I feel like I'm nesting!

I know many places are just getting nice, warm weather. Here in FL...yeah, it's already summer temperatures. Hot, humid, and sometimes miserable. So what did I do today? Clean!!! Shortly after waking this morning, I headed out to our storage room (a room connected to our carport) and decided to clean it all out. Then I went to the shed (Uh, yeah, it's a building as big as a house and we share it with the neighbors in our duplex). I'll admit that I'm a pack rack, but today, I got rid of at least 10 big trash bags of stuff. Then I came inside, cooled down, watched a movie with hubby (One Missed Call is a strange movie) and cleaned out some more things here and there around the house. And I'm still restless and itching to clean more *lol*

Truly, I don't know what's up. No, I'm not pregnant. I guess my sub-conscious knows that I've got to get ready, make room, and set up everything my children need for their schooling come August since I'm enrolling them into a virtual school instead of them heading off to Middle School. A little here, a little there all summer long will be perfect.
Anyway, here's an interesting tattoo I found...on a pretty nice back too ;)

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Second Chances ~ Part 40

It's sunny and way too hot here already in Florida. Hurricane season has officially begun. The prediction is to have several hurricanes hit the state. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. I hope it's not at the beginning of Aug as I've scheduled a Disney Cruise for that time :D

Part 40

Rob shook his head. “No. That would be too easy. I won’t let you escape from me this time.” His gaze darted around the room.

Zack fought to control the trembling of his body. He didn’t have time for terror. He couldn’t let Maria get hurt. She had a baby to give life to.

“We know you are in there, Rob.” Shit, that was Ryan. His voice came from the other side of the door and Zack didn’t like how jumpy Rob appeared when his brother had spoken. Being skittish while holding a gun was never a good idea.

“Fuck you, Ryan. Go back home to Daddy. You were always his favorite.” Rob paced the length of the room, his fingers twitching around the gun in his right hand. He was really making Zack nervous.

“This is only causing you more problems, Rob.” Charlie. Damn it. Zack was sure his friend was going bonkers since Maria was in here.

“This doesn’t concern you. Get the hell out of here.”

“You’ve got my wife in there. The moment you entered the room, you drug me into your business.” Charlie’s anger resonated in every word.

Rob turned his attention to Maria, his fingers still twitching. Zack’s blood chilled.

“Taking her out of the picture won’t help anything,” he said.

“Perhaps not, but satisfying after all the crappy ideas she put in your head about me.”

Maria’s head shook and her mouth opened to speak, but Zack beat her to it. “Those were my thoughts, not hers.”

“Let me in, Rob. We’ll talk,” Ryan tried again.

“Like hell,” Rob muttered, walking to Zack and staring down at him.

Their gazes locked and Zack suppressed the shiver snaking down his spine. Those cold eyes were filled with nothing but rage and hatred. How had he ever thought they could hold any other emotion? He’d been a fool.

“Zack,” Maria gasped. His gaze left Rob’s and jerked to the hospital bed. She was clutching her stomach and pain etched her face. Fuck. Something was wrong. She needed medical attention…now!

“She needs a doctor. Take me, let’s get out of here and work this all out.”
Maria chose that moment to let out a painful moan.

Rob hesitated a moment, glancing around the room. There was no escape but through the one door. He grabbed Zack by the collar and yanked him up. “Get up.”

Zack stumbled and fell toward Rob. He hated having that man’s hands on him, but if not, he would have wound up face first on the hard floor.

Rob shoved Zack in front of him, on hand on his bound wrists, the other held the gun to Zack’s neck. “We’re coming out,” he shouted as he pushed Zack forward. “Kick it aside.”

Zack did as he was told. Using his foot, he swiftly removed the chair that held the door closed. “I can’t open it.”

Rob’s grip on his wrists tightened painfully. “Don’t talk to me like I’m an idiot.” Keeping the gun pressed to Zack’s neck, Rob released his grip on the wrists and leaned forward to grasp the door handle. “Everyone away from the door. I don’t want to see anyone within fifty feet of here when I open it.”

Zack could hear some talk and the sound of footprints growing fainter. They were leaving the area of the room. This surprised Zack. He thought they would try negotiating more. But then, he was glad they weren’t messing around since Maria really needed a doctor’s attention.

Rob pulled the door open. “Go.”

With one last look at Maria, Zack walked out of the room and into an empty hall. Rob was right behind him, using his body as a shield. They inched along the wall and Zack realized that the hall wasn’t as deserted as he thought. Here and there, he saw police and security officers. He could only hope they didn’t do something to set Rob off.

“Maria needs help. Get her a doctor.” Zack yelled out. The barrel of the gun pressed harder to his neck, but Rob stayed calm.

No one moved. Were they afraid of what Rob might do?

“Jesus, Rob. Let them get her help.” If she lost the baby because of the stress she’d been under, Zack would never forgive himself. Hope flared when Rob stopped their movement. Zack tried again. “Please.” It didn’t take much effort to make the word a plea.

“Get the doctor in there,” Rob yelled down the hall where Zack could see a glimpse of Ryan and Charlie. “But if anyone else approaches, he’s dead.”

There was some excitement down there, but they were too far away to hear exactly what was being said. Rob nudged him and they started back down the hall toward the elevator. Zack didn’t dare attempt to get more from Rob. As long as Maria got help and the others weren’t harmed. He could live with that. Or die with that.

“You can’t get far, Rob.” Ryan said loudly from the other end of the hall just as Rob pressed the elevator button.

Rob didn’t respond. The elevator dinged and the doors slid open. It was empty.

“Don’t ignore me!”

Zack was shoved into the elevator, stumbled, and slammed into the back wall. Rob followed. As the doors closed, he finally spoke. “He’s mine.”

The deadpan tone of Rob’s statement made Zack trembled. His body slid down the wall until he was huddled into the corner. Rob pushed the button for the top floor. The elevator jerked slightly before rising up. Before it could reach the top floor, he slammed his hand on the emergency button. Stopping it completely.

“Alone at last,” Rob said as he turned and stared down at Zack.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Fallen Angels is released!!!

I'm very excited that my latest M/M book has been released at Loose-Id. It became available yesterday and I should have done a little giveaway, but I'm going to wait until this weekend, as the release date fell on the last day of school *whew* and I've been swamped with all sorts of stuff at the last minute. So, today, I'm promoting Falen Angels, tomorrow I'll post another part to Second Chances, and Friday I'll do a giveaway for the weekend.

I'm debating on a prize. I've some some goodies put away, like windchimes and such that I can create a little package or should I give away a free book? What do you think?

Have a great hump day!

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Second Chances ~ Part 39

Part 39

Ryan’s gut was screaming by the time he got to the hospital. He’d tried calling Zack, but it went straight to voice mail. He tried Maria’s cell. Same thing. Her room phone was registering busy.

A variety of horrible images went through Ryan’s mind. Something happened to the baby. Maybe Maria had to be rushed back into surgery. A fire at the hospital. An earthquake. Tornado. Hurricane. Okay, now he was getting silly.

Parking his car, Ryan let out a breath of relief. The hospital was still standing and looked just fine. But why wasn’t anyone picking up? His instincts screamed that something was really wrong.

Trying not to run, Ryan quickly entered the lobby and used the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator.

“Oh, Mr. Hayes.” The evening nurse nearly ran into him when he exited the stairwell. He caught the files falling from her hands before they hit the floor. “Thank you.” She paused and looked confused.

“Is there a problem?”

“Your clothes.” She nibbled her bottom lip as if something worried her.

He glanced down at his jeans and t-shirt. He’d taken them from floor, but he was sure they weren’t that dirty. “What about them?” He resisted the urge to smell them.

“I…well…You were wearing different clothes earlier when…”

Ryan’s stomach fell. He’d been home sleeping all day. There was only one man anyone would mistake him for.

“Fuck. Call security.” Ryan tore down the hall to Maria’s room. He stopped just before the door. Pulling out his gun, he stood with his back to the wall next to the closed door. Damn it. He should have known his brother would try something like this. He should have kept security at her door at all times. Or at least, tailing Rob.

Several nurses and patients gasped at the sight of his gun pulled. He waved them away. “Get back.”

Once he was sure that no one was in harm’s way, he slowly pressed on the door handle. It turned, but when he pushed, it didn’t budge. Something was blocking it’s movement inward. So Ryan side-stepped back and pulled his cell phone from his pocket.

“Charlie. We’ve got a situation. Get your ass to the hospital.” He hung up the phone.
Just then, three security guards came running down the hall. They slid to a stop and pulled their own weapons when they saw Ryan with his.

“I’m a county deputy.” He held up his gun and shifted so they could see the badge clipped to his belt. The older of the three men came forward. The other two hung back, weapons still in their hands but lowered.

“What’s going on?”

“The door is blocked. I believe that my brother has one, maybe two hostages in there.”

Zack looked at his and Maria’s trashed phones that were thrown on the floor, along with the hospital phone. No help that way.

He’d tried to gain Rob’s trust back, acting as if he wanted to get back together. It would have worked too if his phone hadn’t rang. That’s when Rob saw that it was Ryan calling. That had sent him on a tangent, destroying all the phones in the room.

Maria was still trapped in the bed with her injuries. He heard her occasionally hiccup a sob. Rob paid her little attention now that he was positive she couldn’t get out of the bed and rescue them. Rob had even threatened her, placing the barrel of his gun to the underside of her chin, demanding that she be quiet.

Zack could do little as he was kneeling on the floor at Rob’s feet, his hands bound behind his back with the cord to the room phone. Rob’s gun was aimed at his head. Steeling himself against the terror rushing his veins, Zack looked up and boldly met Rob’s gaze.

“If you are going to kill me, just get it over with already.” Holy, fuck. Had he just really said that?

Monday, May 26, 2008

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Covers available!

This week has really flown by. I've spent most of my days at my children's school while dealing with home and husband things at home. Writing? What's that? *lol* But, now that edits to Fallen Angels are completed and I've sent Trio of Tales off to a publisher, I can get back into routine. Well, almost. 7 more school days then I/we can say good-bye to elementary school. :D
I'll get another Second Chance up next week

I'll be working on my newsletter this weekend, but I thought I'd drop off my two new covers *doing happy dance*

Fallen Angels (Contemporary M/M)
Releases June 3 from Loose-Id

My first print book - Lascivious (Contemporary BDSM)
Contains Testing Passion and Journey to the Dark Side
Both previously published e-books have an additional two hot chapters added
Releases June 9 from Phaze

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Second Chances ~ Part 38

Part 38

Ryan’s eyes popped open. For no apparent reason, his heart was racing and sweat coated his skin. Turning his head to the clock, he saw that it was nearly noon. With a groan, he turned over and cursed his body for hating the night shift.

But that feeling wouldn’t leave. Something was right. Felt…off. He’d been woken by something, but he knew he was alone. His dad was out playing golf with his buddies and Zack was at the hospital sitting with Maria while Charlie worked.

Tossing and turning, unable to go back to sleep, Ryan got out of bed. He showered and dressed. Can’t sleep? Might as well go visit Maria and see what plans Zack had for them tonight.

Before he left his room, he paused at the dresser. Opening the top drawer, he pulled out his 9mm Glock. He rarely carried it when he was off duty, but still, there was something nagging at his consciousness. Something that wouldn’t let go.

He strapped on his gun harness, strapped the weapon in the holster, and threw a light jacket on to conceal it. It was a little too hot for a jacket, but he couldn’t walk around with it showing like they do in the movies. People freak when they see a gun. Especially in small towns.

Rob pulled a gun from behind his back and pointed it at Maria. “Lunch will have to wait.”

“Holy shit, Rob. What are you doing?” She asked, struggling to sit up.

“Maria, don’t,” Zack said softly, his insides turning to jelly. This couldn’t be happening. It’s all a nightmare. A bad, evil, fucking terrible nightmare.

“I’d listen to him, Maria. I’m in no mood today for your self-righteous bullshit.”

Thankfully, Maria didn’t speak again.

“What do you want, Rob? Why are you here?”

Rob snorted. “As if you didn’t know. First off, grab that chair and prop it against the door. I don’t feel like being disturbed.”

Zack was careful to move slowly as he stood, hands at his side. He stared at his ex-lover, trying to see the man he’d fallen in love with at the beginning. But he wasn’t there. Probably never was. Just a mask.

“Now, Zack!”

Zack jumped, his heart doing a triple pitter-patter. His knees trembled and the terror he thought he’d finally overcome had returned. Every scar on his body throbbed. The memory of every one of them danced through his mind.

Forcing his body to move, grabbing the chair and placed it under the knob as Rob had instructed. He moved slowly, his eyes staying locked on Rob. Desperately, he wanted to look to Maria, make sure she was all right and reassure her, but he didn’t want to divert Rob’s attention or his gun to her.

He hated this feeling of helplessness. Despised himself for allowing this man to bring back all the emotions and memories of another person he loathed. The man that let Rob stomp all over him…figuratively and literally.

Zack thought about Ryan and how he felt and saw himself since they’d become a couple. Zack was stronger. Confident. And independent when he needed to be. He would be that person now. Had to be the better man.

“Let’s leave Maria out of this.” Zack held his hands slightly from his sides, palms out, showing the lack of resistance. “Let’s go for a walk. Talk. Remember when we…”

“Shut up!” Rob swung the gun and pointed it toward Maria, who gasped, but didn’t dare move.

Damn it all to hell. He was trying to keep the attention from her and he screwed that up. He just wanted out of there. Take her out of harms way.

“Over there.” Rob demanded, using the gun to show Zack to move back near the bed.

Zack didn’t hesitate. In fact, he made sure he was directly in the line of fire.

Rob laughed suddenly. The sound grated on Zack’s eardrums. It wasn’t the smooth, husky laugh of Ryan. Why hadn’t he ever noticed how annoying Rob’s voice was?

“You think to protect her? Shit, Zack. Don’t you see that she was the one who pitted you against me? The one who put all those ideas in your head. Made you want to leave me.” He glared at Maria and an icy shiver shimmied down Zack’s spine. That was a look of pure hatred and Maria wouldn’t bode well in the end if this continued.

“Rob, baby, please.” Bile rose in his throat as he spoke the words and had to force it back down. Rob’s gaze shifted to Zack.

“We were happy once. You and me. My beautiful artist.” His lips twitched as if wanting to smile, but his muscles didn’t quite create one. “My sexy, obedient lover.”

Zack’s teeth clenched until his jaw ached. Rob’s eyes glittered, darkening with lust. How many times had he seen that exact look right before Rob forced himself on him? Usually after a beating or when Rob had been drinking. The look that told Zack time and time again that he belonged to Rob and always would.

No more.

Zack was better than that. He deserved better. If anything came from his sessions with Dr. Parker, it’s that Zack realized that he could have love that was beautiful and comforting. Without violence.

But first he had to find a way to keep Maria safe.

“Yes, you’re right.” He dared to take a step forward. His gaze lowered slightly, hands hanging loosely by his side. “I want to be happy again.”

“Jesus, Zack. No.” Maria whispered as Zack took another step closer to Rob.