Thursday, November 15, 2007

Should've been writing...

But instead I've been reading :D My muse got stuck so I did the only thing that I know to unstick it - besides taking a vacation ;) . I purchased a book and read it in less than 24 hours. Yep, it had me intrigued, to say the least and I'll share it with you.

M/M readers, if you are looking for something different and a little on the dark side of the norm, this is the book for you. My Brother's Keeper

The characters were very well written (IMO) and I fell in love with them very easily, along with their world. Malik and Ciaran's angst tore at my heart as I silently cheered them on as they fought back to rekindle the broken relationship. It's high on my list of good books.

BY: Denise Kendrick & R. D. Solange

WARNING: This title contains the following: twincest, explicit sex between men, slavery and violence.
Can be purchased at Dark Eden Press
For fifteen years, Ciaran's been alone. Without his brother, his twin, the luxuries of his adopted home are stale and meaningless.

When the lies concerning his brother's death are shattered by a chance picture in the paper, Ciaran gives up his new life in a flash, venturing out of his safe cocoon in the hopes of picking up where he and Malik left off 15 years earlier. But he soon finds the idyllic land where they once spent whole days happily rolling in the grass is no longer.

For Malik, the years have been cruel, and a cold reception awaits Ciaran in his brother's new, sexually charged world. Thrown into irons, Ciaran is thrust into the role of playing pleasure slave to a brother who refuses to speak of the past. He must be patient, playing along and keeping the true nature of their relationship secret, in order to reach beyond the Malik's cold exterior and heal the tortured secrets he hides. Only then can they rekindle the special bond they shared as children.

Also, Steph and I have posted some great books on our blog, Worlds of Mayhem. Swing by and take a look often as we are adding a new book nearly everyday.

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RD Solange said...

I know I said this earlier, but thank you, it means so much to both Denise and I that you enjoyed our book.

We know the twincest angle is going to be a hard one for some people to get over, but we really hope they at least give it a chance.