Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Second Chances - Part 26

Shhh, this is a day late, but here is the next chapter :D

Chapter 26

Zack’s hands were trembling so bad he had to push them deep into his pockets. The last thing he wanted was for Ryan to see exactly how nervous he was about this outing. Logically, he knew it was silly. But since the incident with Rob, Zack hasn’t really been himself.

However, after the past two weeks of sessions with Dr. Parker, he was ready to move on. To face his fears. To take life by the horns. Okay, really, he’d be happy if he could just spend a few hours with Ryan and come across as a complete fool.


Zack jumped and silently cursed himself for being so jumpy. He was safe. He had no reason to feel otherwise.

“Are you ready?”

Zack smiled. “Sure. Where did you have in mind?”

Ryan scratched his head. He looked so childlike. He couldn’t look more adorable. Just watching him made his blood heat and his dick tingle. It baffled all logic how he could feel this way toward Ryan.

“I figure we could head downtown and go from there.” He let out a huff. “What do you get someone who has everything they want or need.”

Zack shook his head. “I see your problem. So it’s window shopping until something jumps out at us.”

“Exactly.” He smiled and it made Zack’s knees weaken right there.

Zack cleared his throat, pushing away the arousing feelings that were coursing violently through his veins. “It’s downtown we go.”

“I can’t believe you said that to her.” Zack laughed.

Ryan shrugged. “She was pushy. I hate pushy salesmen. Or should I say saleswomen.” He glanced at Zack, his eyes full of ecstatic mischief. “But she still gave me that discount. Dad’s going to love this shirt.”

“She was vying for your phone number.”

“Not my type.”

Zack stopped walking and stared at Ryan. His amusement sobered. Ryan stopped three steps later, turned and gazed at him.

“What is your type?” Had he really asked that? Damn, he was going to get himself into a corner he didn’t want.

Ryan’s brow rose. “Do you really want to know that answer?”

Zack hesitated before he answered. Which would be worse? To know Ryan wanted him or didn’t have an interest in him? “Yeah. I want to know.”

Ryan brushed his fingers through his hair. It had grown out since he’d come back to town. Zack liked it.

“You.” Ryan said softly. “You’re my type.”

My jaw did an imitation of a fish out of water. I had hoped he would say that, but to actually hear him say it took my breath away.

“Ryan.” His name came out as whisper.

He looked away and started walking. “Forget about it. I’ve got to--”

“No.” Zack rushed to catch up. He caught Ryan’s arm to make him stop. “I don’t want to forget about it.” He stepped closer and let his lips brush over Ryan’s. He tasted so delicious, he needed more. Without hesitation, Zack pressed his mouth more firmly onto Ryan’s, who opened invitingly. Zack moaned, his tongue dipping into the sweet honey beckoning.

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