Tuesday, November 20, 2007

enWrappture Contest

Ready to win a prize? How about something kind of Christmasy? *g*
It'll be easy. I promise. Just answer a couple of questions concerning enWrappture.
The answers can be found on the previous post (blurb and excerpt)

Here we go...

1 - Which book of mine do we first meet Christopher? (hint-my Valentine themed Heatsheet)

2 - What is Mason's pen name?

3 - What color is Mason's eyes?

Just email your answers to marty@martyrayne.com . Participants will be put into a drawing which a name will be drawn Sunday, Nov 25th

The Prize? A free download of enWrappture!
If you already have the book, then the choice of any of my other available books :D


** What color does Devyn advise Christopher to wear so that it brings out the blue of his eyes?**

I will send a small prize to all that answer this BONUS question correctly. Just remember, you have to read the book to know because I don't have it anywhere on the web.
Send your answer to marty@martyrayne.com

GOOD LUCK and everyone have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

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