Sunday, November 25, 2007

did some reading...

First off, my enWrappture contest is extended one more day. I'll be drawing a name Monday night since I did a lot of traveling this weekend, I didn't promote it as much as I wanted *sigh*

But when I wasn't writing or sleeping *g* on the 12 hour trip from Alabama, I finally dug around my e-book collection and found some short stories to read :D

Jilted by Leigh Ellwood was a great story.
Revenge can be sweet and I loved the twist at the end. I never would have guess!
It's available at

Dragon's Star by Stephanie Burke was... entertaining. I had a hard time emercing myself into the world of dragon shifters the author created. And the whole Quad concept had me a bit confused until the end...which would have been nice to see a foursome ;) However, the intimate scenes were hot *drool* and I liked Star's attitude throughout the story.
It's available at

Kinky Girls Do by Michelle Houston was a sexy piece.
Comprised of four short stories of BDSM, I found myself hating when each story ended. I wanted more and enjoyed the entire book.
It's available at

And don't forget to check out my other blog - Worlds of Mayhem for more suggestions. My partner in crime, Steph, has made a couple more posts since Wednesday and I'll be adding one of Sierra Dafoe's books to the list tomorrow!

Now back to writing...Fallen Angels is almost completed and getting ready for the big edit so it's pretty for a publisher I've never submitted to. Reluctant Hearts is coming along and I'll be continuing The Gift so I can send in some nice stuff to one of my editors :D

I've also updated the covers on my sidebar. Bonded Hearts cover is now up!

Help another and in some way you too will be helped.

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