Saturday, November 03, 2007

Contest Winner!!!

First, let me say thank you to all who entered my contest for the release of Testing Passion. Also thanks for your patience at the delay. Just when I'm getting back on track, real life slams her will down and have little choice but to surrender.
My darling sons were willing to help me out by drawing a name out of a hat for me - they love doing these things.

The winner is.... Connie Northrop

Congratulations! You're the winner of a goodie package of CHOCOLATE!!!!
Connie, I need your snail mail. You can send it to

Again, thanks to all those who commented here and contacted me through my email with your answers.
Just remember, enWrappture is being released in 15 I'll be doing another contest and a new prize.

FYI - This is the picture which I based my Testing Passion character Damien on *drool*

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