Monday, October 29, 2007

Testing Passion is now released!

Alright, as promised, I'm going to start posting more often. However, since today is the release of my latest book, Testing Passion, the next chapter for Second Chances will be posted tomorrow. Guess I need to update my sidebar now too. *sigh* The work is never done ;) *lol*

Also, let's celebrate with a little contest. Who's up for some chocolate? Sounds like a delicious prize and a reason to go shopping :D

Just read the excerpt and leave me a comment on this post with the answer to the following question:

Who is Janet's neighbor directly above her?

I'll draw a name on Halloween night, so make sure you check back to see if you are the winner.
I'll also need a way to contact the winner, so you may leave an address in your comments or feel free to email me at

ISBN 978-1-59426-785-7

Toys are for grown-ups too…

Janet O'Neal enjoys her part-time job with Pandora's Box. She sets her own schedule, it's never boring, and at times exhilarating. Yes, being a sex toy tester can be stimulating. But when her boyfriend dumps her, Janet hates the limitations that are forced upon her.

Damien Richards seeks out his best tester. He has a deadline approaching fast and there is no one he trusts more to make sure his products are ready for production. Of course, he has another motive when he knocks on Janet's door asking for help. Being the owner of Pandora's Box, he's frightened that he is losing his best tester, the woman who has intrigued him for months, fascinated by the passion of her reports.

Can Damien talk Janet into spending a weekend with him working, testing passion along with the toys? Will Janet welcome the stranger into her most secret fantasies?

Warning: Toys and mild bondage included in this story


Taking note of the time, Janet pushed the last ball inside her vagina. She shivered as the coolness of the two metal balls slid across her heated walls, then settled inside her. With great care she pulled her black lace underwear up her legs. She was as comfortable as she would get.

Pulling her long blonde hair back into a ponytail, Janet mentally went through her checklist. She had called her friends and informed them she would be out of town, so they wouldn't call or stop by to distract her. She'd set her answering machine for those who persisted on calling. Her kitchen was stocked with goodies for the weekend so she would not have to leave her apartment. Her CD player was stuffed with all her favorite
music. Lastly, she had a stack of books sitting on her kitchen table. They were all erotic romance by her favorite authors.

It was Saturday and she had two days to complete her work. Plenty of time to test all the products sent in this last shipment. As a sex toy tester, Janet was able to arrange her own work schedule, which made it easier to work around her sometimes grueling college schedule. It was a well paying job, even if it was just part time. The money she earned covered her living expenses. Only her closest of friends knew what she did. Janet wasn't ashamed of the job, but when she told others what she did, they assumed she was a nymphomaniac. Yes, she enjoyed sex. She was a normal twenty-three-year-old college student studying journalism with a healthy sexual nature. But she didn't think about sex twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

A knock on her door startled Janet. Looking at the clock on her bedside table she observed it was a little after noon. She wasn't expecting anyone; her package had arrived on Thursday, so who could be at her door?

Janet slipped into the robe that lay next to her, the red silk caressing her bare breasts. She would have tried to dress in more clothing, but the knock sounded again. Janet walked to the door, aware of every step as the Ben Wa balls she'd just slipped inside knocked against each other and sent shuddering vibrations through her body.

She took a deep breath when she reached the door. Her nipples were aroused to stiff peaks and the silk touching them only stimulated them more. Hoping it was someone she could ignore, Janet looked through the peephole.

The man standing at her door was a stranger. A handsome stranger, but still she didn't know him. Maybe he had the wrong door. He was probably looking for Christie, the gorgeous model who lived one floor above her. Her visitors often got the wrong floor and ended up knocking on Janet's door instead. She thought about just ignoring it, let him call Christie and realize he had the wrong apartment, but the knock came again, this time harder and louder. Janet looked through the peephole again, not sure what to do.

Opening the door slowly, she managed to hide most of her body behind the door.

"Can I help you?" she asked politely. Seeing the man without the distortion of the peephole made her heart skip a beat. This man was more than handsome; he was the most gorgeous man she'd laid eyes on. His hair was jet black and straight, falling carelessly around his face, mostly one length, hanging past his collar. The part down the middle made it possible to see his facial features. His cheeks were high. He probably had American Indian blood somewhere in his heritage. His nose was not large but held a sharp angle. On any other face it would seem awkward, but not his. His eyes were the color of milk chocolate and framed by thick black lashes.

"Are you Janet O'Neal?"

Janet was surprised to hear her name coming from his mouth. A mouth sensually shaped to perfection. "Oh, uh, yes, I am." she answered, weariness weighing her response. She rarely had men this attractive asking for her.

He smiled then, and Janet felt the breath leave her lungs. He had a dimple in his left cheek and when he smiled his handsome face appeared even younger.

"I'm Damien. Pandora's Box sent me."

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm still alive...

though I haven't been posting. I'm so sorry. Real life, edits, and the PTO has consumed my life. But change is coming...I'm hoping by Monday that I'll be continuing Second Chances and start posting more regularly.

Monday also happens to the release of Testing Passion!!! Keep and eye out for a little contest. Still deciding on the prize. Maybe I'll give away the book or something Halloweeny :D

I'll be back!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I deserve 10 lashes....

Yes, I know...I deserve a lashing for being MIA for so long. First off, let me apologize. Life has seriously been a challenge this month...and it's only the beginning of October *sigh*
In my last post I spoke about going away to a Karate Tournament. Had a ball and brought home first place in my division for breaking (yes, real boards - 4 of them total) and second place for my form. Not too shabby *G* but then that's when things took a turn.

The following morning, I woke with a sore throat. Thinking it was just my sinuses (the hotel I stayed at allowed pets so dandur was in the carpet, etc) I went for my MRI - and yes, there's actually a mass of tissue in my head reguardless of how my husband teases me- and thought it was just the contrast that was making me sicker as the day went by. By Monday morning I was running 103.5 temperature. Doctor? Heck, yeah.

Needless to say, I somehow got a really bad case of Strep Throat and had to do two rounds of antibiotics because the first medicine didn't touch it hardly at all. Still running low grade temperature on the third day and my ears throbbing beyond belief was a big clue that the drugs weren't working.

Needless to say, I'm well now, but I missed the testing of my next level in karate. I get to make that up tomorrow *sigh* Learning new things in less than a week to be tested on is not fun at all.

Let's not forget the fundraiser ending this week and the tennis tournament I'm supposed to be helping out in - but don't remember signing up for - at my children's school this week. It's no wonder I have headaches *lol*

Well, anyway, I've been doing some thinking. I'm not happy with my web server or rather the cost of it so I'm looking to switch which means I have to rebuild my site. *grumbling* I've finished edits for Testing Passion and enWrappture, both of which comes out at Phaze (Oct and Nov) and am starting on the edits for Bonded Hearts which is due for release in Dec. at Loose-Id.

I'm going to continue Second Chances (I'm really sorry my muse failed to keep me up on this one) and will be trying to add some new things here on my blog. Maybe some polls, question of the week, and other things to have more interaction with my readers. NaNo is less than a month away. Whatcha think?

It's well past my bedtime, but thanks for sticking around during my little rant.