Tuesday, July 17, 2007

There goes my bank account

Not much going on today. Did a bunch of errands and now I'm about to start working again on Reluctant Hearts. However, I put a pretty dent in my bank account as I couldn't resist going into Books-A-Million *shhhh don't tell hubby*
I walked out with 4 new books...

For a Few Demons More by Kim Harrison
Demon's Delight - antholoy(MaryJanice Davidson, Emma Holly, Vickie Taylor, Catherine Spangler)
Demon Moon by MelJean Brook
In Darkness Reborn by Alexis Morgan

Last week I also bought Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian

Not to mention all the ebooks I have that are waiting to be read *sigh*
Well, at least I'll have a book this coming weekend to read on the beach *G*

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