Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Second Chances - Part 20

As promised, here's the next chapter.

Chapter 20

Ryan’s knees softened to jelly and nearly gave out on him as Zack’s mouth lay against his. The last person to kiss him was Jerry…nearly two years ago. He knew it was past time to break his celibacy, but he’d never found anyone who sent his blood boiling. That was until he stepped into Zack’s life.

Knowing he had no business doing this, that he should break the kiss and kick Zack out, Ryan ignored all reason. He deepened the kiss, opening his lips and accepted Zack’s tongue. He moaned as the man’s deep male flavor invaded his taste buds. Fingers threaded through his thick hair and Ryan ached to do the same. Instead, he settled for stepping closer to Zack. His good arm slithered around Zack and pulled him until their bodies pressed together.

Too long. Yes, it had been too long since Ryan had tasted another’s desire for him. Too long since, he felt lust surging through his veins, his heart doing a pitter-patter rhythm resembling a tap dancer. His cock thickened, growing and pressed tighter into Zack’s stomach.

Damn, the man knew how to kiss, he thought as their tongues continued an erotic tango. The bandaged hand suddenly felt no pain as it slipped higher up Zack’s back until it was drowning in his thick waves of hair. His fingers curled into a fist, gripping tight to the silky mass. Breaking the kiss, gasping for much needed air, Ryan pulled Zack’s head back, baring his neck. With light nips then smooth flicks of his tongue and soft touches of his lips, Ryan trailed across Zack’s jaw and neck.

Zack groaned, the sound vibrating against Ryan’s mouth. He couldn’t get enough, his body flaring with heat and want. Too long without a warm body to tease. Too long without any male delicacy to nibble upon. Ryan felt starved even as pleasure rocketed through him. He could feel Zack’s arousal, the hard erection rubbing against his balls. He damned the material separating them, hating that they weren’t skin to skin.

“Ryan,” Zack’s voice was hoarse, strangled even.

He fought the hands trying to pull him away for the musky skin, a near growl rupturing from his throat.

“Ryan, please.” The words were now less edged, higher pitched and pleading.

Through his lust haze, Ryan realized that Zack was trying to push him away. He looked up and found fear lighting through the darkened desire filling Zack’s eyes. He abruptly pulled away, taking several steps back so that there was a significant amount of distance between them. It wasn’t until then that he’d realized he’d backed Zack against a wall.

“Jesus! I…” Ryan didn’t know what to say. His gaze slid over Zack’s heaving chest, up over the small marks he’d made, until it rested on his kiss swollen lips. Ryan squeezed his eyes closed, muttering curses. Damn him to hell for pushing Zack. The kiss had started out as soft, but Ryan had pushed the intensity of it until Zack panicked.

Zack shook his head and moved toward the door.

Ryan stepped toward him. “Zack, please.” It pained him to see Zack flinch as if he were expecting a punch. He silently called his brother every nasty name he could think of. No man or woman should react with fear from a kiss. Okay, it was extremely laced with lust, but fear shouldn’t be a factor.

Ryan held up his hand in surrender and took a couple more steps away giving Zack plenty of room to move. Crowding him wouldn’t help matters.

“I’ve shouldn’t have come.” His eyes were wide, fear gripping tightly to him.

“Stay, please, Zack. We’ll talk. I promise that’s all. I’ll stay on this side of the room.” He couldn’t let Zack leave. Not like this. Not in this state.

Zack shook his head and nearly ran to the door. He threw it open, the knob slamming into the wall making Ryan jump.

“I can’t…I’m sorry. It’s just…” Zack stopped in the doorway, not looking directly at him. Ryan saw the tears streaming down his face.

“It’s my fault.” Ryan admitted. “I pushed too far. Please, don’t leave yet. Calm down.”
Zack turned away and ran from him.

“Fuck!” Ryan went to the counter and started shifting through some papers there. It took a half a minute, but he found the business card. Picking up the phone, he called the number written on the back.


Roberta said...

Gah! Poor Zack, poor Ryan! Love the angst! Thanks for updating!

Marty Rayne said...

Thanks Roberta :) I usually don't do a lot of deep angst like this, but these characters are bringing it out in me -gotta love them for it

Pia said...

about time you posted the next chapter..you got me hooked on what is going to happen next lol.I really enjoy reading your work :-)