Monday, July 23, 2007

I had a wonderful weekend away as hubby and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. Several things were against us, but we made lemonade out of lemons *lol* It was really nice to get away from the computer (gasp, did I actually say that?), work, kids, friends, etc. Just him and I to renew our... well, you know *evil grin* It was quite refreshing and good for the muse. However I'll be posting the next chapter to Second Chances tomorrow. It's written, but my dear friend is going to edit it for me before I'm going to post it. Just because I'm refreshed doesn't mean that my grammer is any better *lol*

Anyway, we saw Live Free or Die Hard yesterday. Anyone else see it? What did yo think of it? I enjoyed it. Okay, I really enjoyed looking at the MAC guy the entire movie :P (Justin Long).

Tomorrow I'm taking the kiddies to see the new Harry Potter movie. No, I haven't read the books, let alone the newest one, but I do watch the movies.

I'll also be seeing The Simpsons and Skinwalkers when they come out next week. Can't wait!

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